30 Freshmen in 30 days

During the next 30 days Marius and Ignacio will be covering thirty different upcoming NCAA freshmen for the 2020-21 season.

Rules are simple:

  • One player report per day, in no particular order.
  • Ages are calculated by November 1st.
  • Players from the 2020 high-school class – no redshirt freshmen.
  • Players who didn’t play high school in the US and/or with a good amount of FIBA, International or NBA Academy tape available have preference.
  • Finally, and most important: This is not a top 30.

Kerr Kriisa

Nelly Joseph

Andrej Jakimovski

Aly Khalifa

David Bohm

Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Szymon Zapała

Bennedict Mathurin

Rati Andronikashvili

Leemet Böckler

Malik Wade

Tristan da Silva

Saba Gigiberia

Apiok “Jimma” Dau

Pelle Larsson

David Mutaf

Jesper Granlund

Efe Abogidi

Marvin Williams-Dunn

Pavlo Dziuba

Marko Andrić

Zakhar Vedishchev

Modestas Kancleris

Daniel Batcho

Nikola Žižić

Viktor Lakhin

Ąžuolas Tubelis

Max Shulga

Vladislav Goldin

Leyi Adebayo

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