ID Prospects is an international basketball scouting service covering prospects from around the world, focusing mainly on those currently playing outside of North America. Our goal is to become the go-to resource for college and professional basketball teams looking for information and analysis on international basketball prospects.

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Andrew Mastin

Andrew is a basketball scout and coach from Waco, Texas. He began working in basketball as a student manager for Baylor Men’s Basketball. Andrew has experience scouting for professional clubs with Athlenda in Greece and coaching youth basketball at Vanguard Prep School in Texas and Get Better Academy in the Czech Republic.

Ignacio Rissotto

Ignacio is a basketball scout currently based in Montevideo, Uruguay, who has previously worked for The Stepien and Spanishhoops. Since 2018 he has been focusing solely on international basketball prospects with the goal of working full-time in basketball in the future.


Kuzey Kılıç

Kuzey is the chief editor at Eurosport Turkey, where he lives and attends all Euroleague, Turkish Basketball League and Youth League games. Kuzey has been writing about basketball since he was nine and working as a freelance scout since 2017. He has interviewed over 100 prospects.

Caine Purnell

Caine is a basketball scout from Sydney, Australia. He has previously been a contributor for Bourbon St. Shots covering the New Orleans Pelicans.


Marius is an avid basketball fan from Germany, who is constantly trying to learn more about the game with the goal of working in the sport in some capacity in the future.

António Dias

António is a basketball scout from Porto, Portugal. He has been doing freelance work since 2017, with collaborations with Real Betis from Liga ACB and teams from the G-League and NCAA.

Stanisław Woźniak

Stanisław is a student from Poland who has combined his love for the game with his knowledge to pursue scouting opportunities. He currently works as a scout for Polish club Legia Warszawa.

Pietro Cristofori

Pietro is a high school student from Ferrara, Italy. He enjoys the game to the fullest, with the aim of working in the basketball world.

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