ID Prospects Awards: ANGT Istanbul

Originally scheduled to take place in Munich in late January, the second ANGT qualifier took place last weekend in Istanbul. The tournament had a familiar outcome, with Real Madrid going 4-0 and winning the tournament, outscoring their opponents by an average of 30 points. Second place Stella Azzurra was able to make it close with Real Madrid in the final game, closing out an impressive performance in the tournament.

We’ll be releasing more content throughout the upcoming weeks, including scouting reports and a podcast with analysis from the tournament. Our scouts also voted on the ID Prospects Awards which we are excited to announce.

We’ve posted highlights for many of the players who won awards but we will post even more player highlights from the tournament on your YouTube channel in the near future.

Most Valuable Player:

MVP: Eli John N’Diaye

Nominees: Liutauras Lelevičius, Matteo Spagnolo

First Team All-Tournament:

Eli John N’Diaye
Liutauras Lelevičius
Matteo Spagnolo
Ege Demir
Juan Nuñez García

Second Team All-Tournament:

Jakub Nečas
Nicola Giordano
Ondřej Husták
Matteo Visintin
Koralp Türk

Third Team All-Tournament:

Dominykas Butka
Berkay Yılmaz
Aday Mara
Konstantin Kostadinov
Berke Büyüktuncel

Best Young Player (U16 or younger):

Winner: Aday Mara
Nominees: Ismaila Diagne, Lucas Langarita

Most Improved Player:

Co-Winners: Liutauras Lelevičius, Eli John N’Diaye

Best Defender:

Winner: Ege Demir
Nominees: Eli John N’Diaye, Aday Mara, Sediq Garuba

Best Shooter:

Winner: Liutauras Lelevičius
Nominees: Titas Sargiūnas, Göktuğ Güçoğlu, Matteo Spagnolo

Best Playmaker:

Winner: Juan Nuñez García
Nominees: Berkay Yılmaz, Matteo Spagnolo

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