Baba Miller Scouting Report

Real Madrid | 02/07/2004 | 6’10” | Wing

Height w/o shoes: 6’10″ft

Weight: 179.1 lbs

Hand width: 10

Hand length: 9

Wingspan: 7’1.5″ft


Baba Miller is one of the most intriguing young players playing here in Spain. He is a very versatile and talented wing who had a great physical progression in recent years. Baba is still skinny but has a projected NBA body with great length for a wing, huge wingspan and broad shoulders to add strength. Also, we must consider that he still has room to grow. He grew up in Mallorca and then moved to Madrid, where Real Madrid signed him from Distrito Olímpico (Madrid) when he was 12 years old. He is a nice guy, reserved, smart and good student, very mature for his age.


On the court Baba can do almost everything very well, he is a very good athlete, not super explosive yet but smooth and very fluid as he shows in the open court and with quick first steps when attacking his man. He is a good finisher, knows how to use his body and length at the rim, with some crafty finishes. However, he must add a lot of strength to hold that at the next level. Baba is very talented and shows great feel for the game and passing instincts with mature readings at this stage. It’s rare watching him forcing plays or taking too many contested shots. This season he has a bigger role in the U18 Real Madrid team (his debut with the first team was at Euroleague against CSKA Moscow last December) and I would like to watch him play more in isolation to expand his playmaking and shot creation abilities, since this year he is showing a big improvement in his hip swivel with nice shifty moves after punch drag or pull back crossovers. for example. Another offensive aspect to work on and explore should be his mid post game because Baba could be a constant threat with his fade away jumpers and good readings. Watching his game and moves, he has flashes of an early KD and Jabari Smith. I’m not saying Baba is the next KD but it’s a good model to copy because KD’s offense suits perfectly with Baba’s tools and would be a perfect goal.


He is polished and skilled with a good looking shot without big flaws. He shows good balance in his pull ups, smooth stroke and soft touch. Baba can also connect them after hard combos with side-step or step-back moves. Maybe his release isn’t the quickest yet and needs more leg strength for an even better balance off the dribble. but the potential is there. This season in the EBA league he is averaging 69% from 2, 35.4% from 3 (4 attempts per game) and 69.2% from FT line as shooting splits. Baba has played 12 games in this league with an average of 12.4 pts, almost 5 rebs, 1 ast, 1 stl and 0.4 blk in 25:23 minutes.


On defense, he has the tools to be a good overall defender, very switchable and smart. Maybe he isn’t going to be exactly a lockdown defender on the ball but he has the size, mentality and quickness to play modern defensive settings, shows good awareness of coverage and helps, and he is very disruptive on passing lanes. His verticality and intuition also let him be a very good rebounder on both glasses, mostly on the defensive end where he can easily grab and go in transition. Due to his length and timing he changes a lot of shots, offers a very mobile rim protection from the wing spot. Baba also shows good defensive footwork and even if EBA isn’t the NBA or ACB, it’s easy to watch him guarding 1 or 2 full court without problems.

Personal view

I’m pretty high on Baba Miller since Real Madrid signed him. Coaches always say he is a very coachable and unselfish guy. I think it’s very important for him to have tons of minutes to develop his talent at a competitive level, so maybe a college program could be a perfect option for him. In my view he is the U18 prospect with the highest upside and ceiling we’ve had here since Luka Doncic. If his progression goes the right way when his draft arrives, I see him as a sure first round pick and a lottery in the best scenario.

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