ID Prospects Awards: ANGT Valencia

The first ANGT qualifer took place this week in Valencia with Barcelona taking the title with a dominant 4-0 run. Joventut Badalona took second place, while ratiopharm Ulm came in third.

We’ll be releasing more content throughout the next week, including scouting reports and a podcast with analysis from the tournament. Our scouts also voted on the ID Prospects Awards which we are excited to announce. We’d also like to think Alessio Magarini of ItalBallers for voting as well.

We’ve posted highlights for many of the players who won awards but we will post even more player highlights from the tournament on your YouTube channel in the near future.

Most Valuable Player:

MVP: Michael Caicedo

Nominees: Jeremy Sochan, Kymany Houinsou

First Team All-Tournament:

Killian Malwaya
Michael Caicedo
Miguel Allen
Jeremy Sochan
Kymany Houinsou

Second Team All-Tournament:

Rafa Villar
Maxime Raynaud
Kany Tchanda
Marc-Antoine Loemba
Agustín Ubal

Third Team All-Tournament:

Gael Bonilla
Bernard Edokpayi
Jean Montero
Conrad Martínez
Kenny Kasiama

Best Young Player (U16 or younger):

Winner: Killian Malwaya
Nominees: Kany Tchanda, Conrad Martínez

Rising Stars Team (U16 or younger):

Lucas Mari
Kany Tchanda
Killian Malwaya
Ruben de Oliveira
Conrad Martínez

Most Improved Player:

Winner: Kenny Kasiama
Nominees: Bernard Edokpayi, Kymany Houinsou

Best Defender:

Winner: Jeremy Sochan
Nominees: Rafa Villar, Gael Bonilla

Best Shooter:

Winner: Michael Caicedo
Nominees: Zacharie Risacher, Freds Pauls Bagatskis

Best Playmaker:

Winner: Kymany Houinsou
Nominees: Rafa Villar, Jean Montero

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