Abdoulaye N’Doye



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AS Monaco (France)









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Other Intel:

Withdrew from early entrant consideration in 2019, automatically eligible in 2020.

Physical Tools

Excellent size for his position, standing 6-foot-7 with giant 7-foot-3 wingspan.

However, like every prospect whose wingspan is huge compared to their length, N’Doye doesn’t have good strength from elbows to wrists. His arms are also very stiff. In both width and strength, he has a perfect base from chest to the beginning of the lower body. He needs a little more strength in the core, but he has a very ideal base to add muscle, which he has already filled a little bit.

Excellent length on legs but he has to put work in the weight room a lot to improve, his weak legs limit him in traffic.

He possesses physical tools that make him a versatile player both on the offensive end and on the defensive end. However, he just uses these tools on the defensive end very well in passing lanes, transition situations, on the glass, etc. Offensively, he is not a player who attacks to rim a lot by using his physical tools.


Abdoulaye N’Doye sets himself apart as a prospect with his ball sharing at his size, he can lead the game with his passes. He can play as a physical guard and creates some notable adjustments for the opposing team.

He has great BBIQ, understands angles very well and is very comfortable with both hands to make passes. He has a variety of passing styles, he can integrate his solid ballhandling with tricky footwork, and good court vision. However, he may pass too often instead of looking for chances to score.

He’s a good pick and roll and post up entry operator.


Does not have good versatility as a shooter. Usually shoots behind the 3-points line as a catch-and-shooter but that is it. He shoots them well but with very low volume.

A little bit slow loading his shot. He has good knee and back bend but his knee alignment is inconsistent and sometimes looks unorthodox. He has an above the head release with pretty nice softness and momentum to the ball from his balance hand. He has nice last touch in the air and mini jump which is enough for his shooting form.


He usually tries to create positions for the others when he is a primary ballhandler, but can self-create when he is off the ball. When he play off the ball motions, N’Doye shows his timing, BBIQ, awareness and footwork very well to make advanced cuts to under the basket or weak side. Has excellent go-stop-go and body fake in off the ball motions.

He does a pretty nice job of using both hands in all dribbling situations, even in traffic and against double teams. However, he almost never uses his left hand in finishing. He has solid touch around the basket and is smart finisher. Knows where the shot blocker or help defender coming and he can position his body well. Good layups, jumpers and floaters but should work on reverses, soft touch long layups, and runners.

He can change his direction and speed appropriately to the line of the defense, and makes a lot of money in these situations. He also does a pretty good job shifting his body to the defender when he tries to finish through the contact.


He is a good prospect on the defensive end. He knows how to use his length to steal the ball very well. Also, very active hands, BBIQ and anticipation make him an excellent close out defender, a good perimeter protector, and an average team defender. I don’t think he is above the average team defender because does not always show good motor, talk with others to make rotate, etc.

He can guarding multiple positions thanks to his size and frame. Not a rim protector but has shown flashes where he made tallying blocks or defended the physical bigs in the low post.

Slides very well in PnR situations to the handler, usually goes under but if the handler prefers to make screen fake, N’Doye can recover to handler again thanks to his lateral quickness and body coordination. Also, he does similar things in off the ball and close out situations. But again, his motor is my biggest question mark (also his strength) in my mind.


By Kuzey Kılıç

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