Adas Šimonis



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Lietuvos Rytas (Lithuania)




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Physical Tools

Has the body of a potential power player rather than a skinny guard, but he doesn’t have the size for that (194 lbs at 6’4″). Broad shoulders suggest that he might be able to add quite a bit of muscle. Already has some strength in the upper body and especially in the lower body.

Below average first step hinders him as an advantage creator, which is why he mostly creates in pick-and-roll.

Doesn’t have a lot of vertical jumping ability, but seems to have decent length, which still allows him to make some impact as a weakside rim protector.


Comfortable handling the ball in the halfcourt with either hand, but not an advantage creator due to lack of first step or shiftiness.

Makes the occasional play in pick-and-roll and against closeouts. Uses his body to create space. Shows flashes driving-and-kicking, although mostly with two-handed passes.

Adept at reading the on-ball defender in pick-and-roll and rejecting if the defender tries to beat him to the spot.


Very good shooter for his age on decent volume (Before the 2020-21 season started, he had shot 97-261 (37.2%) from three in Lithuanian and FIBA competitions combined.

Consistently displays good balance on his shots. Shoots a two-motion shot, where most of the power comes from his arms. The mechanics are mostly consistent, but he occasionally “thumbs” for additional power, which creates sidespin on the shot.

Quick in his preparation off the catch, comfortable shooting against defensive pressure and closeouts.

Not someone who creates much separation off the dribble for his jumpers, but has shown certain ability as a pull-up shooter by stepping into threes in transition or after using a screen to clear space.


Will get the rare drive out of pick-and-roll or against a closeout, but usually takes more than 50% of his shots from three.

Below the rim finisher, who rarely gets in optimal scoring positions around the rim. Because the advantages he creates are often small, he’ll often find a defender between him and the basket even on his drives. Struggles finishing these tough shots around the basket.

Knows how to use his body to create space on drives and should get even more effective in that regard once he adds strength. Adding a reliable drive game would enhance the effect of his shooting as well, since defenses wouldn’t be able to close out as hard on him.


Average covering the POA. Struggles with quicker players, but can slide wth and contest with some forwards. Decent at maneuvering screens; gives up advantages in these situations, but they’re not catastrophic.

Mostly in good position off the ball and also largely makes the correct rotations. Occasionally half a second late on a rotation or loses a cutter backdoor, but the overall production is decent.

Lack of vertical pop prevents him from impacting a lot of shots around the rim, but can still make an impact on some as a weakside rim protector.

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