Aleix Haro



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AE Badalonés (Spain)




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Physical Tools

Listed at 6’2″, no wingspan measurements but should be somewhere around neutral to +1.

Slight frame which should fill out in order to not be exploited at the next level. Doesn’t shy away from physicality

Excellent speed in the open court, has long legs that allow him to sprint the floor with and without the ball and routinely beat opponents in transition.

Good body control for his size, able to get through tight spaces, mobile east/west, able to cover drives and stay in front of opponents.


Extremely reactive passer on the move who is able to utilize his gravity to create open shots for teammates. Really good at making decisions at high speeds.

Versatile in his deliveries, knows his bounces and passing angles to get the ball through tight spaces. Knows how to thread the needle. Able to make difficult passes across his body to the weakside.

Had a tendency to play out of control and make risky plays as a ball-handler in Joventut’s junior teams, but seems to have improved as a decision maker and adjusting to a new context in a veteran team as AE Badalonés.


Developing as a shooter, able to hit three pointers off the catch, shows good aim when he’s able to maintain his balance, but prone to misses when he’s in a hurry.

Seems to still be calibrating his power as a shooter, prone to long/short misses. Has somewhat of a flat trajectory on his shot.

Good statistical track record at his age, which could be an indicator of future development in this area. Consistently over 30% from three-point line on a good volume of attempts (5.8 per 36 minutes on the 2019-20 season). Consistent free-throw shooter, consistently over the 80% mark from the line.


Not an explosive handler, but shows the ability to initiate drives in the early offense thanks to his impressive ability to change of speeds.

Moves with excellent speed with the ball in his hands, difficult cover when going downhill. Gets good momentum coming down the lane, his long legs allow him to eat space and get to the rim in a few strides after beating his man on the perimeter. A factor attacking the rim in transition, routinely creates advantages by beating opponents out of sheer speed.

Shows really good body control which allows him to split the pick-and-roll defense to initiate drives and to navigate tight spaces on his way to the rim.

Aggressive slasher who doesn’t shy away from physicality on the interior despite his slight frame. Knows how to use his body to crash into opponents, creating space and drawing fouls.

Not a vertically explosive finisher, but shows the combination of touch, craftiness and hangtime that allows him to withstand contact, readjust mid-air and look for the open space to finish in the paint. Finishes with good extension at the rim.


Limited due to his size to defend the smallest player on the opposing team, but should develop into a positive defender due to his lateral mobility and ability to cover drives.

Extremely aware in the passing lanes, shows good instincts and quick reactions to intercept passes. 2.3 Steals in the 2019-20 season.

Could improve defending on an island, relies on quickness and lateral mobility more than in technique. Upright in his stance at times which makes him exploitable.

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