Aleksa Radanov



Date of Birth:








Current Team:

Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)








Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

Has a contract with Crvena Zvezda which expires in 2022.

Physical Tools

Good measurements for a forward, listed at 6’8″ with a reported 6’10.5″ wingspan. Utilizes his length well to get on passing lanes and to finish at the rim.

His athleticism is best described as fluid, as he’s able to leap solidly off of one foot to finish at the rim, but only when he can find a runway to the rim. His lack of ability to elevate in short areas limits his effectiveness as a rebounder and shot blocker.

Shows above average coordination for his size, as he’s able to control his body to navigate tight spaces as a defender and dribble the ball with good security.

Lacks short-area quickness, which could prove to be a limitation as a driver and as a defender at the next level of competition.

Solid frame, doesn’t have trouble dealing with physicality. Has wide shoulders and could fill out even more in time.



Acts as a secondary initiator who is able to bring the ball up, create open shots for teammates in transition and in the early offense and execute half-court plays with success.

Adept pick-and-roll operator. Knows how to exploit advantages and create open shots for teammates. Reacts well to defensive breakdowns, knows how to read defensive tags and deliver the ball to the interior or to the shooters in the corners. Uses his 6’8″ size to make reads and deliveries over smaller perimeter defenders.

Able to take advantage of his gravity both on drives and on post-ups to find open teammates. Not an explosively reactive passer on the drive, but shows good touch as a movement passer. Can find teammates with lobs and with strong-side drive-and-kick passes.

Initiates transition. Good at advancing the play and making quick decisions in the early offense. Shows some creativity as a transition passer, able to connect with teammates with long-range outlets and bounce passes.


Should develop into a solid spot-up shooter at the next level of competition considering his consistent mechanics and versatile shot profile.

Fluid shooting mechanics off-the-catch. Two-motion set shot with a high release that errs on the quicker side. Solid and consistent base with parallel feet pointing forward.

Shot 36.6% on catch-and-shoot three-point jumpers off a standstill since the 2019-20 season (via InStat).

Doesn’t show much activity or movement off-the-ball, clearly more comfortable with the ball in his hands. Could translate into a concerning shot selection/shooting profile given that he shot just 21.4% in three-pointers off movement since the 2019-20 season.


Assertive to look for driving opportunities and attack mismatches. Doesn’t possess the explosiveness in his first step, nor the creativity as a ball-handler to be a complete drive creator, but is able to exploit slower opponents in the perimeter and create drives utilizing pump fakes, simple crossovers and changes of directions to get defenders off-balance.

Fluid straight-line ball-handler at his size, has good speed with the ball in his hands which makes it hard for slower forwards to recover after getting beaten off the dribble.

Versatile finisher with a head full of steam, fluid athlete who is able to elevate off of one foot. Gets really good momentum when finding an open lane, able to finish in traffic with his combination of length and hangtime. Shot 56% at the rim on 140+ attempts since the start of the 2019-20 season (via InStat).

His shiftiness is mostly limited to the initiation of the drive — Once he’s on the move, he operates almost entirely north/south.


Lacks an elite degree of lateral quickness, but should be able to hold his own against perimeter forwards. Has the ability to move his feet and keep his balance when defending on an island and is able to use his combination of size and above average body control to navigate screens and cover drives.

Shows timing and awareness in his rotations from the corner, can act as the last line of defense when there’s a leak on the perimeter.

His event creation is mostly limited to getting on passing lanes, where he shows occasional timing to make plays, but also tends to gamble unnecessarily.

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