Alperen Şengün



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Beşiktaş (Turkey)




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Physical Tools

Slightly undersized for the center position, measurements reported at 6’9″ tall with a 7’1″ wingspan.

Quite strong for his age, especially in terms of his lower body, though still with significant room for improvement. Has wide shoulders and a nice frame that should fill out nicely in time. Uses his strength to carve out space while boxing out. Combined with length and great positioning, this makes him an superb rebounder on both ends, especially considering his size limitations.

Looks coordinated and passably quick when backpedaling in pick-and-roll or sliding his feet on the perimeter. Not elite at either movement but good enough to give him some defensive versatility. Got noticeably leaner through the past few years gaining mobility, speed and body control.

Average at best vertical leaper, which combined with his lack of elite size means that bigger opponents can finish through and over him at times.

Looked gassed by the end of the season, routinely taking plays off.


Capable standstill passer who can find cutters and open shooters from the post. Shows the reactiveness, the ability to read a defense and to recognize double teams pretty quickly. Plays well within the flow of the offense.

Shows flashes of passing on the move, making the occasional kick-out on the short roll or reading help defenders around the rim and finding the open man one pass away.


Still at an early a developmental stage as a shooter.

Shoots a two-motion shot on which he brings his shooting hand to the side of his head, which limits the energy transfer from the legs into the arms. He displays consistently good hand placement, but also often loses balance mid-air, which could indicate that he needs to improve his core strength – however, his feet separating in mid-air looks more controlled than it does with other players, so this could also just be a bad habit.

Possesses some level of touch for shots from a distance. Shows flashes of versatility hitting the occasional shot off movement, which could inidcate future improvement as a shooter. Improved his FT% from ~60% to ~80% in the 20-21 season.

Hasn’t shot over 26% in any season of his career so far and his free throw percentages before this season have been consistently below 65%. Worryingly low volume of attempts, just 35 through the 2020-21 season — 1.2 per 36 minutes. 0.088 three-point attempt rate.


Mostly an interior scorer, but he also shows occasional flashes attacking closeouts or taking slow bigs off the dribble.

Fluid athlete. Can finish around the rim on the move, even through contact. Needs to tighten up his handle (and improve his shot to actually force consistent closeouts) to become a more dangerous slasher.

Interior Scoring

Prolific finisher around the rim, even through contact. Good touch with his right hand, shows flashes with his left. Not only capable scoring from a standstill but also catching the ball at the free throw line and finishing after 1-3 dribbles, for example in pick-and-roll.

Attacks the rim hard and draws a good amount of free throws in the process, which he now converts at roughly an 80% clip. Uses fakes and the glass well.

Combines coordination, nimbleness and good footwork in the post (i.e. drop steps and pivots). Does an excellent job of keeping his pivot foot down against pressure to find and attack open spaces.

Creates additional scoring opportunities with fantastic offensive rebounding skills. Makes up for lack of size with length, lower body strength and great positioning. Doesn’t have elite tools but uses the ones he has fantastically well.

Shows potential as an off-ball scorer on the interior. Rolls hard to the basket generating gravity. Plays with power, creates fouls in those actions.

Lack of size will always limit him as a post scorer, mostly someone who will punish mismatches at the NBA level by establishing deep position against smaller centers and create fouls against bigger, slower opponents.


Lacks the size and overall vertical presence to be a primary rim protector at the highest level. Makes up for some of that with his length, but he still gets finished through too easily. Room for improvement in terms of core strength, but the lower body is already quite strong. Mostly sound in terms of technique as a post defender, but still struggles holding his own against strong adult bigs who can simply shoot over him.

Could potentially defend some forwards in time given his flashes of switchability, as he shows average coordination, foot speed and ability to get low for his size.

Not someone who’ll cut off smaller players at the point-of-attack, will need to work on his ability to turn hips, as it’s difficult for him to catch up to guards or to cover any sort of drives once opponents are able to turn the corner on him.

Capable drop defender in pick-and-roll. Looks comfortable backpedaling and shows decent recovery speed.

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