Andreas Tsoumanis



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Eleftheroupoli Kavalas (Greece)




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Physical Tools

Long body, average to slightly below average size overall for the 4 position.

Strength is decent but not enough to play bigger than his size.

Coordinated, moves well in a straight line, occasionally suffers from poor feet laterally.

Not an explosive leaper.


Good vision, can find the open man but mostly in stationary situations or immediately off the catch.

Head down driving makes it tough for him to make a ton of passes after putting it on the floor. Still a solid solid reactive passer overall.

Solid passer on the catch. Uses mismatch to his advantage to create assists.


Shot is somewhat slow and flat. Quick, compact shot without much upper body motion.

Needs to be more consistent with where his hand finishes on release. Kicks his feet slightly forward on his shot.

Good spot-up shooter on low volume, can shoot some through pressure or some movement.


Fast downhill in a straight-line or with one counter move. Uses long strides to get around the defense but his handle isn’t tight enough to be relied upon here.

Aversion to left hand finishing significantly holds him back as a driver. Forces his way to right hand finishes.

Because of his shaky handle, he doesn’t keep his eyes up and gets out of control.

Still, his handle is impressive for his size and position and adds another aspect to his game.

Good handle in transition, can finish at high speed.

Interior Scoring

Physicality doesn’t really get to him at the rim, he has solid touch through contact. Has a lot of success over smaller defenders.

He isn’t able to finish over or through defenders with a size advantage. Sometimes goes to an up and under or quick spin move, not super diverse in the post.

Aggressive when catching the ball on the post, does a lot of work before the ball arrives to be in position to score.


Uses length to his advantage around the rim. Does a great job of denying the ball to the post and high-pointing rebounds.

Small, slow steps on the perimeter, needs to improve his hip mobility to be quicker laterally.

Active on the ball, overwhelms with his size and length when he can move with the ball handler; understands to give to space when he can’t.

Creates turnovers in passing lanes. Smart and perceptive team defender.

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