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Physical Tools

Has positional size for a wing player and elite positional size as a 2-guard. While no confirmed measurement of his wingspan exists, it looks to easily be on the positive side relative to his height.

Not amazingly explosive but he’s a very fluid athlete with good body control. Doesn’t need much of a runway to play above the rim.

In an early stage of physical development; very skinny. Loses balance when he collides with other players mid-air. Average frame for adding muscle.


Already a very good shooter with nice mechanics; maintains balance during his shooting motion and the guide hand doesn’t interfere with the shot. The arc could be improved as it’s pretty flat, which seems to be the reason a good amount of his misses hit the front of the rim.

Good footwork on general shot preparation allows him to get into his shot quickly, which is why he has no issue shooting against closeouts or in non-advantage situations.

Makes pull-up shots pretty regularly. Shows flashes of movement/off-screen shooting.

Shot 40% on 30 attempts in the 6 games of the 2020-2021 season.


Fluid athlete, who attacks closeouts with ease and can make the occasional play against a set defense. Has a few moves in his arsenal, but no particularly shifty ones as of yet.

Able to finish above the rim in space and shows flashes finishing against contact when the defender is not established in front of him but needs to add strength to finish more consistently against head-on contact.

Always plays with his head up. Very hard to defend as a driver because he makes the correct decision very frequently. Reads help defenders very quickly and finds open teammates with accurate passes, even from tough angles.


Already a good reactive playmaker. Makes advanced reads and completes them accurately. Reads help defenders quickly and finds open teammates. Has a wide variety of passes in his arsenal, though mainly with his right hand for now.

Has shown flashes as a P&R ballhandler although he typically only passes to the roller.

Also shown flashes as a short roll passer and has the ability to look defenders off and create openings for teammates.

Has some issues anticipating defensive movement. Will see the open man quickly, but doesn’t consider that he might not be open for long, which leads to avoidable turnovers. The promise of these high-level pass attempts are now being completed more and more often which is very encouraging.


Above average lateral mover. Stays with forwards and even some guards. Struggles with physicality, but has the length to impact shots even when he gets bumped off spots. Potentially switchable in the medium term.

Decent feel for rotations. Able to impact most shots as a weakside rim protector with good timing and length, but shies away from contact a bit too often for now. Potential as a consistent secondary rim protector once he fills out his frame.

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