Bojan Tomašević



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Dynamic (Serbia)




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Physical Tools

Good size for the four position, listed at 6’8″. Has a strong frame with wide shoulders for his size. No wingspan measurements but should be between neutral and slightly negative.

Has a good combination of size and fluidity which should allow him to take advantage of slower bigs trying to contain him in the perimeter.

Lacks the vertical explosiveness to be a factor at the rim on either end of the floor.

Lacks an elite degree of body control, which limits him as a driver and as a defender in space.


Falls solidly in the ball-mover category, as someone who is able to make the right play, but shouldn’t be tasked with neither primary nor secondary creation duties.

Has improved in terms of gravity passing, able to exploit the hard closeouts he draws to make the extra pass in the perimeter or to sporadically find teammates on the move after attacking said closeouts.

Tunnel vision gets the best of him at times as a decision maker, prone to miss open teammates and settle for tough shots.


Versatile shooter who is able to convert jumpers with range in a different number of situations. Automatic in spot-up situations, can’t be left open.

Able to create space against opponents with footwork, being able to convert side-step, step-back jumpers with impressive efficiency for his size.

Shows excellent touch and deceleration on dribble jumpers. Can stop on a dime and pull-up from midrange.

Repeatable mechanics, extremely consistent. Two-motion shot, gets good elevation. Quick shot preparation and release, which allows him to get his shot off against pressure. Excellent angle and alignment of his shooting arm. Solid followthrough.

41.7% from three-point range since the beginning of the 2019-20 season on 175+ attempts.


Able to create driving opportunities by drawing hard closeouts thanks to his impressive perimeter shooting ability. Does an excellent job of using pump fakes to get defenders off balance and create driving lanes.

More fluid than explosive with the ball in his hands, doesn’t move at a tremendous speed with the ball in his hands, but has certain mobility with the ball that allows him to find the open space via eurosteps and spin moves.

Shows good touch in difficult finishes and off-balance situations. Can finish with floaters. Really good as a below-the-rim finisher against contact.

Interior Scoring

Operates mostly from the perimeter, but he’s able to get the ball on selected possessions to attack mismatches.

Not extremely fluid or polished as a post player, mostly someone who is able to leverage his size against smaller opponents. But can find himself in trouble if asked for creating a shot for himself on the post.


At his best as an interior defender, using his strength to defend bigger fours and smaller fives on the post. Knows how to absorb contact and to be effective at defending post-up situations.

Uses his strong frame to collaborate as a rebounder.

Not really suited to defend in space, struggles to react quickly to his opponent’s first step. Lacks the ability to cover ground laterally, which limits his effectiveness in drive coverage.

Lacks the size, length and vertical explosiveness to be a full-time rim protector.

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