Boriša Simanić



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Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)






Player Intel

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Physical Tools

Really good size for a combo big, standing at 7’0″ with a 7’0.5″ wingspan.

Impressive vertical athlete who can get off the ground quickly. Possesses a good second jump.

Mobile for his size, can cover ground quickly on the open court.

Lacks the strength required for an interior defender and considering his age it is unlikely he’ll ever do. Has a high center of gravity which makes it hard for him to hold his own against stronger opponents.


Elite shooter off the catch. Has shot 40.9% from 3 on 230 attempts since 2018-19. Shot 85.5% on 69 free throws in that same period.

Fluid and consistent mechanics. Able to use his size and his high release point to knock down shots over contests.

Despite being at his best on spot-ups and simple shots off north/south movement — such as when trailing in transition, he shows flashes of movement shooting, being able to convert jumpers coming off screens.


Mostly plays within the offense and is limited to a ball mover role.

Has a problem with staring down passes, resulting in a lot of deflections and turnovers.


Limited to a straight-line drives off of hard closeouts, which he’s able to draw due to his shooting threat.

Does a good job of putting the ball on the floor quickly when given the chance and covering a lot of ground with one or two bounces.

Not comfortable with changing directions or driving through traffic. Picks up his dribble as soon as he feels a threat to get picked off.

Interior Scoring

Versatile finisher at the rim who possesses the combination of vertical athleticism and length to finish over most opponents at the rim. Fairly effective in alley-oops and in converting catch-and-finish opportunities in the dunker spot.


Best suited as a four defender who can contribute as a help side rim protector.

Able to stay in front of perimeter forwards utilizing his combination of length and quickness to deny penetration. Offers some level of switchability against wings and less explosive/shifty guards. Uses his size to cover ground and recover when he gets beaten off the dribble.

Smart off-ball defender when locked in. Does a good job in rotations and helping from the corner in pick-and-rolls. Uses his length to get in passing lanes.

Poor on-ball defender on the interior, actively avoids post-defense situations. Lacks the strength and has an inadequately high center of gravity which makes him unable to offer the necessary resistance as a post defender.


Boriša Simanić Scouting Report

8 September 2020

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