Daniel Zdravevski



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Phoenix Hagen (Germany)




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Physical Tools

Fantastic size for either forward position. Has been listed as SF, which is sensible considering how skinny he is, but may be most effective playing the four once he adds muscle.

Very light with his recent measurement coming in at 179 lbs. Especially skinny legs. Has an average frame, but should be able to add a considerable amount of muscle given that he seems to be in an early stage of physical development.

Quite mobile for his size, which should allow him to guard at least one, possibly more, positions once he makes some technical improvements.

Average first step. Can effectively attack closeouts and even take some slower bigs off the dribble.


Consistent passer off drives who is able to exploit the advantages he generates by attacking closeouts and mismatches on the perimeter. Especially effective in drive-and-kicks, where he’s able to find open shooters all across the court.

Shows moments of reactiveness as a movement passer, being quick to read and react to opposing defenders.

Has shown flashes of advanced reads, especially from stationary motions, showing timing, accuracy and creativity to find cutters and getting passes through traffic.


Has attempted slightly below 50% of his shots from three for a while now and shows decent touch from the outside. Combining the 2018/19 season with the 19/20 season, he shot 46-140 (32.9%) from three and 121-168 (72.0%) from the line throughout all competitions.

Quick pre-shot footwork allows him to get the shot off under pressure. His base can be too wide at times. The upper body mechanics are mostly on point with the elbow being aligned with the basket, the shooting hand being consistently placed well and the off-hand not interfering with the shot. Extends his arms away from his body noticeably during the dip.

Comfortable shooting against closeouts and even abandoning the dip in these situations to get the shot off. Shows potential from NBA range.

Shows flashes of pull-up midrange shooting, especially from the left short corner.


Creates most of his driving opportunites by forcing hard closeouts (in other words: through his shooting gravity) but can also take some bigs off the dribble with a combination of average explosiveness, a few dribble moves and some simple but effective fakes. The handle is still quite loose, so there’s definitely room for improvement in this area.

Coordinated ball-handler for his size who also shows the requisite body control to his size to make his way to the rim. Able to find the open space with spin moves and eurosteps. Could still tighten the handle a little; prone to losing the ball on the attack.

Doesn’t get a ton of momentum after beating his man, more coordinated than fast/explosive on his way to the rim.

Shows good touch around the rim with either hand. Has a variety of different finishes including underhand scoops, overhand finishes. Good touch against contact as well, uses his length well to finish at the rim with extension.

Interior Scoring

Mobile as a roll-man. Could be quite dangerous with his combination of touch around the rim and the ability to make decisions on the move.

More fluid than powerful when creating his own shot on the interior. He’s quick to turn around after catching the ball in the post and attacking face up. Shows plus touch in finishes beyond the restricted area. Utilizes his length well to finish with extension at the rim.


Can slide laterally with players of similar size but struggles with smaller ones. Lacks the lateral quickness and shoulder width to get in front of them. Quick enough to deliver impactful side contests after he’s beaten.

Positionally sound as an off-ball defender, but struggles with angles. Too often takes angles from which he can’t see his man and the ball. Shows flashes of secondary rim protection, using his length to contest and block shots from the weakside. Able to get his finger tips above the rim when contesting shots; average load time on his jumps.

Has his moments defending similarly built players in the post. Capable of denying entry passes. Could also do a better job with angles here; too often gives up one side too easily or has his hips exploited.

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