Deni Avdija



Date of Birth:








Current Team:

Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)




star star star star star




Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

No interest in NCAA, entering the NBA Draft.

Physical Tools

Gained a lot of strength during the 2019-2020 season and then lockdown period. Can hold his own in the paint even against bigger players in Euroleague thanks to impressive lower body strength.

Hips are tight and feet are not especially fast. Footwork is very refined, he moves very well for his size.

Fast in the open court and elevates well in space.

Great body control and physicality in the air, both attacking the rim and remaining vertical on defense.


High level passer. Very patient to read the defense and let the play develop on a drive or in post-up situations.

Goes out of his way to put himself in better passing situations, will post up just to look for a pass. His positional size forces the defense to collapse and opens up teammates.

Extremely gifted in the pick and roll. Height allows him to pass above the defense and make more reads.

Creates a ton of fastbreak points, sees the whole floor. Great vision and playmaking in transition.


Really good looking shot apart from slight lean forward.

3-point shooting has really improved over time, especially in the 2019-2020 season.

Isn’t afraid to shoot off the dribble but struggles to create a ton of space off the dribble.

Free throw shooting has been really poor throughout his career, lack of significant progress here is very worrying.


Soft touch and solid finishing with both hands. Utilizes underhand finishes well.

Creative finishing and set-up for rim scoring, such as off-foot and inside hand finishes, that allow him to finish around rim protectors.

Impressive flashes of rim finishing through contact and over defenders at times, typically in one-on-one situations. Could become more of a high flyer going forward.

Stays low with the ball, always knows where he’s going with it.

Uses his body extremely well on the drive to create contact and keep his man behind him once he gets an advantage.


Defends the perimeter best but can hold his own in the post. Can switch onto any position, except for some quicker point guards, if needed.

Struggles to react to a first step but recovers extremely well. Unless his opponent is super quick, he plays a perfect angle and cuts them off with his body.

Very strong down low, hard to move on defense. Standing reach makes it easy to shoot over him.

A lot of potential as a secondary rim protector. Excellent at timing his jump and using strong verticality to keep his position and affect shots without fouling. Impressive flashes blocking shots as well.


Elite at timing and scoring off of cuts. Uses misdirection and timing to get open going towards the basket. Helps set up teammates by creating space with his cutting as well.

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