Đorđe Pažin



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Sloboda Uzice (Serbia)




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Physical Tools

Optimal size for a wing standing at 6’6″. No wingspan measurements, but should be in the neutral to slightly negative.

Could stand to get stronger, still developing in terms of frame and lower body strength, but doesn’t shy away from physicality.

Not slow by any means, but lacks a degree of quick-twitch athleticism and the explosiveness to make plays out of sheer quickness in either end of the floor. More fluid/coordinated than explosive.



Versatile passer who could develop into a secondary initiator given his ability to find open teammates both on the move and in half-court sets.

Reactive and creative with his reads and deliveries. Knows bounces and passing angles to find open teammates. Deceptive with his reads, creates open shots with no looks and unexpected live-dribble passes.

Runs the pick-and-roll with poise and timing. Accurate with his pocket passes which create open lanes for the roll man. Utilizes his size to hit the roll man over smaller defenders.

Quick to make decisions on the move. Creates advantages in transition and in the early offense by quickly spotting the open man.





Versatile shooter who is able to convert jumpers off movement in a number of situations from NBA range.

Two-motion shot, gets really good elevation on his shot, high set point. Compact upper body mechanics, shooting arm tucked in and aligned to the rim. Textbook followthrough and wrist flick. Quick shot preparation and release considering his two-motion release.

Utilizes screens well to get open and find pockets to get his shot off. Uses his size and high set point to get his shot off over smaller defenders.


Smart drive creator who does a good job of reading and exploiting the positioning of his primary defender to beat him off the dribble with a solid, though not exceptionally quick first step.

Not an explosive ball-handler, but fluid, coordinated and creative with the ball in his hands. Utilizes crossovers, hesitations and in-and-out moves to get defenders off balance on his way to the rim. Has counter moves.

Moves with a combination of speed and power with the ball in his hands that makes him a tough cover for point-of-attack defenders at his current level of competition.

Polished finisher at the rim who is effective at using runners, floaters and other difficult finishes from beyond the restricted area. Shows really good deceleration in mid to long range finishes.

Comfortable finishing off-balance and against contact. Uses his size well to play through physicality, should draw fouls at a good rate.


Best trait as a perimeter defender is his size at the point-of-attack, which he uses to cover drives and bother shots from smaller opponents.

Covers ground well laterally in one direction. Good at chasing opponents and “getting skinny” to go through screens when defending the pick and roll.

Can have trouble when he needs to change directions and move against his leverage, which makes him vulnerable in closeouts. Could improve in terms of turning his hips in time when he gets beaten off the dribble.

Even though he’s comfortable with physicality, his slight frame makes him limited when asked to defend forwards and bigger wings. Better suited as a 2 defender who can switch against less shifty ball-handlers and off-ball wings.

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