Đorđe Topolović



Date of Birth:



Bosnia and Herzegovina




Current Team:

Vrijednosnice Osijek (Croatia)




star star star star star





Player Intel

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Physical Tools

Good size for a center, but he lacks any sort of vertical presence, which limits his versatility as a play-finisher and his ability to protect the rim.

Strong upper body, which allows him to fight for rebounds, disrupt shots at the rim and finish through contact on offense. May have some excess weight, which could at be turned into muscle. Decent frame.

Passable mover for his size. Looks coordinated rolling to the rim as well as backpedalling as a drop defender in pick-and-roll, but isn’t explosive at all, which limits his ability to create separation as the roll-man.


Able to find cutters and shooters from the post with accurate kick-outs and lay-offs, but not a decision maker on the move (i.e. short roll). Makes basic passes but no advanced reads.


Possesses some level of touch. Consistently over 80% from the free throw line.

Has not attempted many three-pointers in recent years, but definitely has the spot-up midrange jumper in his arsenal. Shoots a slightly slow two-motion shot from three. Might have some potential as a floor spacer if he gets more experience and practice with the outside shot.

Too often has sidespin on his three-pointers (less frequently on the midrange shots), so there are definitely some hand placement issues to sort out.

Interior Scoring

Able to finish efficiently from a standstill below the rim, mainly with his right hand. Decent touch. Takes contact well in these situations.

Struggles much more when he’s the roll-man and receives the ball a few feet away from the rim as he gets way too little elevation to score against contests and contact.

Backs down weaker bigs and smaller players in the post. Has a decent hook shot. Displays nice footwork on a baseline drop steps, which he uses occasionally.


Passable primary rim protector. Impacts shots around the rim with his size and strength but lacks the vertical presence to ever become a really good rim protector.

Strong post defender, who can comfortably defend anyone but strong centers. Puts up good resistance against forwards or smaller and weaker centers, but he’s not yet strong enough to contain strong bigs in the Croatian League. Sometimes gives up deep post position too easily.

Not mobile enough to switch consistently but won’t get destroyed if he occasionally ends up on a slow forward. Any smaller player with average or better explosiveness or shiftiness, however, will be an issue for him on the perimeter.

Looks decent backpedalling as a drop defender but struggles to see the ball-handler and the screener at the same time. Occasionally even needs to turn around to find his own man when he takes pressure off the ball-handler. Not quite mobile enough to consistently execute aggressive coverages.

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