Dori Sahar



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Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)




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Player Intel

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Physical Tools

Good combination of size, lateral mobility and length at 6’4″, which should allow him to defend multiple perimeter positions at the next level.

Frame still on the leaner side, but shouldn’t have a problem in adding the necessary strength to play at the next level considering his well proportioned body with wide shoulders.


Versatile shooter who is able to convert shots off balance and against heavy pressure. Reliable in spot-up situations.

Quick shot preparation, able to relocate quickly when he finds an open space. Able to catch on the hop.

Left handed shooter, with a fluid and quick two-motion release, textboox followthrough and good overall alignment to the rim – feet pointing forwards, and shooting arm aligned to the rim.

Really quick shot preparation, able to relocate quickly on open spaces in the perimeter.

Has played mostly as an off the ball shooter, but has shown the ability to convert pull-up jumpers when assisted by a screen.


Smart player who is able to make the right reads on the move and execute them accordingly despite not being tasked with a lot of half-court creation.

Takes advantage of his shooting gravity to create advantages and is able to make the right play consistently, finding open teammates on the move.

Shows versatility and accuracy in his deliveries, being able to find teammates on the move to both the strong and the weak side. Fluid passer who shows the ability to occasionally execute passes off the live dribble.


Able to initiate drives thanks to his solid first step and his simple but quick crossovers, which allow him to exploit favorable matchups in the perimeter against bigger, slower players.

Takes advantage of his shooting gravity to generate and attack closeouts, showing assertiveness and timing to attack the opponents weakside and good body control to get through tight spaces.

Not extremely shifty or fluid as a ball-handler, which limits him as a scorer on drives. Relies on either drawing fouls at the rim or finding a straight line to the rim, in order to not having to change directions with the ball in his hands.

Can be somewhat uncomfortable driving in traffic. Has a rigid dribble, not someone who can get at a high speed as a dribbler, can be slowed down by the ball.

At his best finishing at the rim with his left hand, limited as a right hand finisher. His lack of speed with the ball in his hands limits the momentum he’s able to gain in his final steps, which makes him rely on getting foul calls to consistently crteate points off of his drives.


Fluid point-of-attack defender who shows a considerable defensive range in the perimeter, being able to stay in front of both smaller point guards and bigger wings.

A factor in drive coverage given his combination of reaction quickness and lateral mobility. Able to match his opponent’s first step and stay in front of the drive all the way to the rim.

Shows effort and toughness when playing against bigger opponents, embraces tough matchups.

Gets on passing lanes well when he’s defending off the ball, showing good instincts for deflections and steals.

Should improve as a team defender when helping off drives, can sag off of his assignment unnecessarily and leave shooters open for threes.

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