Dut Mabor



Date of Birth:



South Sudan




Current Team:

Stella Azzurra Roma (Italy)




star star star star star





Player Intel

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Physical Tools

Fantastic size and length for a center. Very skinny with long legs and an average frame. Might struggle to put on enough weight to ever deal with physical centers defensively or back down anyone in the post.

Quite mobile running in a straightline, but shows a lack of coordination when backpedalling in pick-and-roll.

Lacks hip flexibility. Cannot counter any direction changes on the perimeter, especially not from smaller players. Lacks the lateral quickness to slide with most players in the first place.

Makes a vertical impact with size and length but doesn’t show much vertical jumping ability. Takes too long to elevate as well (has to bend his knees a lot), which puts a cap on his ability to protect the rim and prevents him from finishing above the rim in traffic.


Almost never put into situations where he can pass. Not good enough a post player to have him distribute from there and more of a “roll to the rim and finish”-type than a short roll playmaker.

Interior Scoring

Mostly used as a play-finisher. Can a catch a good amount of passes with his long arms but isn’t really a vertical spacer. Can finish with either hand at the basket though the touch is below average.

Creates some separation as the roll-man, which creates scoring chances for himself and teammates. Sets relatively soft screens.

Can convert the occasional hook shot if he establishes deep post position but lacks the touch to score from further out. Would also need to add a ton of weight to ever be able to back down grown bigs in the post, so it’s highly unlikely that he ever becomes more than a situational post option.


Protects the rim on a primary level with his size, length and decent timing. Jumps on a few to many fakes, however. Will have a hard time building up enough strength to ever be more than a rotation player, since there are many physical centers that’ll be able to give him trouble at higher levels.

Passable feel for rotations. Understands where he needs to be to be helpful to his teammates, though he cannot always get to the right spots in time. Occasionally a bit too uncoordinated when rotating onto drivers from the weakside, which usually results in fouls. Just about quick enough in a straight line that he can make impactful side contests when he picks up driver a few feet from the basket.

Cannot effectively defend in space. Stiff hips prevent him from making direction changes as quickly as he’d need to to be passable on the perimeter. Not terrible sliding in straight line, so he can make some impact in the rare cases where drivers don’t change direction or pace.

Most effective defending pick-and-roll in deep drop, where he can protect the rim and doesn’t have to worry about keeping up with the ballhandler. When he has to aggressively backpedal, he seems to fight for balance (high center of gravity, quite heavy feet and an apparent lack of experience with this type of movement) just as much as he’s trying to stop the offensive players.

Good rebounder with size and length. Won’t track down rebounds that require much movement but dillgently boxes out and secures his team possessions that way.

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