Elwin Ndjock



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ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne (France)




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Physical Tools

Seems to have hit a recent growth spurt. Listed around 6’3″ or 6’4″ on many sites, but the newest measurement on the LNB site lists him at 2,00 m (6’6,7″).

Very long legs and skinny all around, which causes him to have a high center of gravity. Therefore, he struggles against contact. Below average frame might prevent him from adding a significant amount of muscle.

Very long arms. Can impact plays as a primary or help defender, even if he’s not in great position due to his reach. Being a passable vertical athlete helps as well.

Capable creating against a set defense with decent explosiveness and long strides as well as some advanced dribble moves.


Can make plays against a set defense and against closeouts. Recognizes help defense well and shows good awareness for open shooters. On rare occasions, he even makes some pretty advanced reads.

The accuracy on his passes is mostly satisfactory but can still be perfected. Long arms allow him to make some one-handed (mostly with his right) live-dribble passes from awkward angles.

Shows some flashes making plays in the pick-and-roll, hitting the roll man with bounce passes or passes over the top, although his handle tends to get a little too loose when trying to evade pressuring defenders.


Above average shooter in a relatively small sample (43-118 (36.4%) from three in the 2018-19 and 19-20 seasons combined). Comfortable as a spot-up shooter and even shows flashes as a pull-up threat. Regularly attempts 50% or more of his shots from three.

Two-motion shot with consistently good hand placement and no off-hand input. Inconsistent leg input; he shoots spot-ups with a very wide base and bends one, sometimes both, knees inwards to generate power. This does not, however, happen on the few shots were he has narrow baser prior to the release.

Legs sway sidewards a lot on some of his shots. When that happens, he occasionally lands on one foot, even though that doesn’t seem to be necessary.


Blows by closeouts with ease and even beats his man in 1v1 setting a decent amoung thanks to his above average first step and a good handle. Displays some advanced dribble moves like crossover combinations or in-and-outs into a crossover.

Good decision maker on the move. Plays with his head up to read defenders and find openings. Doesn’t force bad shots.

Able to finish above the rim in space. Capable with either hand, but prefers his right. Shows flashes finishing through fouls, but struggles a bit against head-on contact due to lack of upper body strength and therefore a high center of gravity.


Slides well with multiple positions. Can struggle with the most explosive and strongest players, but should be able to cover wings regularly and switch onto some guards and forwards. Able to make impactful contests even when he’s given up a small advantage. Gets bumped off spots pretty easily.

Doesn’t know how to position himself as a weakside rim protector or tagger in pick-and-roll. Since this applies to multiple of his teammates as well, it could be that his coaches never put much emphasis on it, and he has this weakness through no fault of his own. Can cover a lot of ground quickly, but because he’s so often out of position, he has to cover larger distances than necessary. Has the tools (length, quickness, size) to be impactful once he gets familiar with these concepts.

Has quite a hard time getting around screens. Doesn’t even have bad technique, but it’s hard to maneuver his long legs around screens.

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