Filip Petrušev



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Physical Tools

Listed at 6’11”, has ideal size for a mobile center or a 4 in taller lineups.

Not an extremely powerful leaper off a standstill, but quick enough with his second jump to be a factor in rebounding.

Shows above average mobility and body control for his size.

Not extremely quick of his feet, which can make him struggle defensively.

Still struggles to play against size and strength, but has been adding muscle and working on his frame making noticeable improvements in this area.


Uses his low post play and ability to draw double teams to be able to hit cutters off the ball, with pinpoint passes for easy buckets.

Able to hit shooters or cutters off short rolls, when the defense closes in on him and is able to pull defenders into him on drives and facilitate to perimeter players next to him.

He will look to pass only as a last resort and can’t really make cross-court passes with enough accuracy to be considered a threat yet.


Reliable and confident shooter off the catch, an absolute threat on the pick-and-pop. He shot 46.2% from 3 this season on 3.5 attempts per 36 minutes. He’s also at 42% from the top of the key, the place he shoots the most by far.

Extremely repeatable two-motion shot with a compact upper body and a smooth, fluid release. He gets into his motion quickly and stays balanced, releasing at the highest point, which allows him to shoot over smaller defenders despite not getting a ton of lift.

Shows flashes of shooting versatility, really good at relocating to find the best place to shoot and give the best possible passing lane to his teammate, spacing the floor, and finding open spots.


Fluid enough with the ball in his hands to put the ball on the floor and attack slower defenders. He has some dribble moves he can get to, but only uses his driving ability and isolations in spaced situations, when he has a clear speed advantage over his man.

Utilizes his improved shooting prowess to fake defenders, draw hard closeouts and attack those situations to get to the rim.

Goes right the majority of the time and is much more comfortable with his right, rarely choosing to go the other way.

Doesn’t really like contact and will try to avoid it on drives, preferring to go around shot blockers and use his touch at the basket to finish. Contact slows him down noticeably, not able to explode over defenders.

Interior Scoring

Not an extremely creative player in terms of footwork, but he’s able to resolve situations quickly once he gets the ball inside, showing touch and the ability to finish with either hand.

He has been working on facing up and shooting when defenders are expecting him to play with his back to the basket. Quick to turn around in the post.

Does a great job on pick and rolls, setting good screens, and knowing the correct timing to roll to the basket. Wins his position really well and offers great passing options.

Crashes the offensive glass with his combination of size and motor. He controls where and when the ball will fall, being able to grab offensive rebounds in traffic and against taller players. His quick second jump also allows him to go after his own miss and put the ball back in before the defense can react.

Doesn’t have an excellent vertical pop off a standstill, but is able to explode to the rim when he’s able to catch the ball on the dunker spot and take one or two steps to load up.

Struggles to convert against size and strength, choosing finesse over physicality.


Solid help side defender who is able to beat opponents to their spots and protect the rim from the weakside. Uses his size and length to make it tougher for opponents at the rim, going upwards and rarely into the shooter.

Prolific defensive rebounder who does his work early on the boards, finding his man and boxing out, and using his lower body strength to hold off opponents.

His lower body strength and ability to stay balanced is on display when he is down on the low post defending bigger centers. He can take on contact and stay in front of his man given that same lower body strength and keeping bodies away from finishing at the rim. Creates problems early and is able to make attackers receive the ball farther away from the basket.

Could struggle against NBA-sized Centers given his struggles against size and physicality.

Limited switchability as a pick-and-roll defender. He was used mostly in a deep drop scheme at Mega, where he struggled containing ball handlers and returning to his man, getting lost in the middle of both and having to give too much space to quicker guards.

Difficult for him to defend on an island in the perimeter, his feet are not that quick and he will be targeted by quick guards on switches. He can stay in front of most wings and exterior forwards/centers and actually offer resistance on their attempts to get to the rim. Should improve his defensive stance, as he’s upright at times.

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