Gora Camara



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Casale Monferrato (Italy)




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Player Intel

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Physical Tools

Optimal measurements for a big, listed at 7’0″. No wingspan measurements but should be comfortable in the positive range of wingspan:height ratio. Applies his length well to contest shots and finish at the rim.

Has a tremendously developed frame. Really strong, filled out upper body which allows him to play through contact.

Can play with ease above the rim given his measurements, but lacks a degree of vertical explosiveness. Quick to get off the ground but doesn’t get a ton of elevation in his leaps.

Lacks the body control to navigate tight spaces on either end of the floor. Awkward when it comes to changing directions and overall lateral mobility.

High hips impede his ability to execute certain movement patterns, especially backpedalling. He can improve by strengthening his legs, but the negative effects can only be minimized, not fully eliminated.

Interior Scoring

Utilizes his physical tools well to impose himself on the interior. His frame allows him to establish deep post position with ease.

Solid finisher who can convert shots against contact and pressure. Will create and-1 opportunities consistently given his combination of size and touch. Actively seeks contact inside.

Fluid enough to put the ball on the floor to establish optimal position on the interior, uses his size to push opponents all the way to the rim.

Shows simple but solid footwork, fluid enough to turn around quickly on the post. Does a good job of keeping his pivot foot down against contact which minimizes the amount of travels called against him.

Has excellent hands to catch passes and rebounds on the interior.

Should develop into a positive offensive rebounder given his combination of size, instincts and quick vertical pop. Able to create opportunities for himself by pursuing misses.

Lacks a degree of body flexibility to contort his body, find open spaces on the interior and finish in awkward angles,

Mostly limited to layups and dunks; floaters, reverse layups and other advanced finishes are outside of his comfort zone.


Positive interior defender given his strength and measurements. Extremely hard for opponents to establish interior position or to create space out of physicality against him. Utilizes his strength to create separation between opponents and the rim.

Lack of elevation limits him to a degree as a rim protector. At his best as a post-up defender from a standstill.

Limited as a perimeter or switch defender, given his lack of lateral mobility and his overall awkwardness in space.

Mostly used as a drop defender in pick-and-roll, where he’s limited by his high hips, which have him fighting for balance while moving backwards. Additionally, he has an apparent lack of experience with backpedalling, which at least means that there’s room for improvement.

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