Gregor Glas



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Dynamic (Serbia)




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Physical Tools

Great size and length for the 2-guard spot makes him a natural fit for the 3 as well.

Very strong for his position as well, especially in the lower body.

Decent quickness laterally. Somewhat explosive off of one foot, not nearly as much off of two.


Great looking shot without much movement to get the ball to the rim. Quick release, not afraid to shoot over a hand.

Percentages should stay above ~34% throughout his career on great volume. Shooting has tracked well throughout his young career.

Shoots well off movement coming off of a screen or off the dribble. Usually picks up with his left hand, very effective when coming off a screen or when left open with the ball.

Doesn’t create his own shots with his handling, simply quickly takes any chance the defense gives him, such as coming off of a screen or dribbling up in transition.

Overall, he’s very hard to stop from getting to his shots.


Fluid movement with the ball, gets downhill well.

Gets to the rim in a straight line but very physically. Can keep the defender on his hip as he drives, uses his body very well.

Doesn’t change pace with great acceleration or deceleration but he’s able to keep his balance use his body to get to his spots.

His touch is decent, combined with his size and reach, excellent ability to absorb contact, and intelligent use of angles, he’s a very good scorer near the basket.

Strongly prefers to only jump off of one foot, especially in space. Body control is good enough to still finish.


Makes smart reads with the ball. Uses his size to pass over the defense especially when pressured with aggressive PnR defense.

Passes on the move well, especially in transition or attacking the rim.

Smart as a ball handler, he’s able to get in and out of situations and put himself in the best position to make the right play.

Moves the ball really well after a catch, especially around the perimeter.


Valuable, versatile defender on the perimeter. Size allows him to defend up to the 3 spot but he’s able to defend 2-guards and most 1s without much issue thanks to his lateral quickness and length advantage.

Active and engaged in help defense. Length allows him to get in passing lanes and get deflections but he’s also cognizant of drivers to the rim and chances to help there.

Does a great job of using physicality and intelligence to hold his own with bigger players and overpower smaller ones.

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