Haris Bratanović



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Filou Oostende (Belgium)




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Physical Tools

Has the size and built to play center full-time.

Solid though not exceptional north/south athlete. Runs the floor fluidly and at a decent speed.

Strong, developed frame which allows him to play through contact on both ends of the floor. Uses it to set hard, impactful screens.

Looks passable backpedalling in pick-and-roll. Not perfectly fluid or coordinated but good enough to be a competent drop defender.


Consistent at making the right decisions when catching the ball in the post, doesn’t force tough shots. Quick to recognize and react to defensive helps, making passes out of the post. Unselfish approach to offense.

Has developed into a short-roll passer, being able to read quickly defenders helping from the corners and finding open shooters.


Has improved his consistency as a shooter and has extended his range to the three-point line in recent years. Comfortable in spot-up and pick-and-pop situations.

Not shy letting it fly against closeouts but still has a very low 3PA rate, because he spends little time on the perimeter.

Has a slow two-motion release with a high set point — brings the ball up almost to the top of his head before releasing. Solid pre-shot base width. Has his arms quite far out during the dip. Shooting elbow is aligned, the off-hand doesn’t interfere with the shot and the hand placement is solid – especially these last two components are much improved from previous years.

Interior Scoring

Polished interior self-creator, who is able to generate offense in one-on-one situations thanks to his fluidity and creativity on the low post.

Solid footwork, really fluid to execute fakes and spin moves that allow him to find the open space on the interior. Comfortable operating through crowds, fluid to put the ball on the floor to establish better position.

Utilizes his strength to absorb contact and draw fouls as a finisher. Rarely thrown off balance by contact on the post.

Should develop into a consistent threat in screen-and-rolls given his ability to set strong screens, his mobility to roll to the basket and his good hands to catch passes on the move.

Not an extremely explosive finisher, mostly limited to below-the-rim situations where he shows solid touch.


Solid post-up defender who utilizes his strength to hold his own on the interior against bigger opponents.

Utilizes his combination of size, strength and good hands to be a plus as a defensive rebounder.

Not a switch defender by any means. Generally refuses switches, infinitely more comfortable in drop coverage, where he shows decent feet. Limited in terms of lateral mobility, slow to turn his hips if he gets beaten off the dribble.

Lack of vertical explosiveness limits his effectiveness as a rim protector. Just 1.5 blocks per 36 minutes for his career, between FIBA Division B, LEB Silver and ANGT competition.

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