Hugo Besson



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Saint-Quentin (France)




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Physical Tools

Will be limited to the guard positions, but has at least grown to 6’3″, which should allow him to play off-guard in most pro leagues.

Above average first step. Easily creates using screens or attacking closeouts, and takes bigger players off the dribble as well.

In a relatively early stage of physical development but has a decent frame.

Passable vertical jumper. Won’t dunk on anyone but still gets some elevation in traffic.

Above average lateral quickness, which is promising for his upside as a POA defender.


Has developed as a passer to the point where he can take some of the creation load of a pro team. Capable in drive-and-kick situations.

Skilled pick-and-roll operator, who creates passing windows through his scoring gravity. Displays adeptness at finding the roll-man and shooters from different angles, either with two hands or just with his right.


Excellent shooter with a ton of versatility. Shot 123-378 (32.5%) from three and 232-311 (74.6%) from the line through more than 80 games in various French leagues amateur and pro leagues.

Smooth one-motion shot with exceptional hand placement and no off-hand input. Able to maintain his form on difficult shots as well.

Comfortable with every kind of shot you can think of. Pull-up threes, mid-range, NBA threes, off-screen threes, stepbacks and sidesteps. Takes a lot of really ambitious shots, which is why his percentages can sometimes lag behind his abilities a bit.

Capable enough as a ball-handler to consistently create space on the perimeter, although he doesn’t need much space to get his shots off in the first place.

Punishes drop coverage with quick pull-ups.


Prolific closeout attacker and pick-and-roll operator. Gets to the rim at a good frequency with his good first step and handle. Not amazingly shifty, but gets where he wants to go, in part also because of his shooting gravity on the perimeter. Can attack full speed or use changes of speed to freeze defenders.

Shows flashes finishing through contact despite his relatively slight build, but he’s more of a finesse finisher overall. Comfortable with various finishes off either foot and with either hand. Remarkably comfortable finishing with his left considering he’s a right-handed shooter.

Has an effective floater in his finishing arsenal.


Shows potential as a POA defender due to his decent lateral quickness, but doesn’t consistently bring it on the court. Could be in a stance more often, reach less and bring more effort overall, which would also decrease his foul count. Does a decent job maneuvering screens.

Has enough good moments to believe he’ll be impactful at the point of attack in the future.

Has quite a few bad lapses as a team defender. Too often a step to late, not quite in position or focusing on the ball too much.

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