Imru Duke



Date of Birth:



Trinidad and Tobago





Current Team:

Levitec Huesca (Spain)






Player Intel

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Physical Tools

Good measurements for an interior player at 6’10” (barefoot) with a 7’3″ wingspan. He’s able to utilize his length to finish at the rim and block shots on the defensive end of the floor.

Coordinated and fluid north/south athlete who can run the court at a good speed. Has long legs that allow him to cover ground in few strides. Should develop into a transition target in time.

Fluid leaper both off of one and two feet. Elevates quickly off a standstill, even though he doesn’t get a ton of power in these situations, he compensates with his length/standing reach to play above the rim and collect rebounds.

Solid frame that could stand to fill out even more in time. Can use his upper body strength to create space against opponents by lowering the shoulder.

Lower body is still a work in progress. Has high hips and establishing position against strong opponents can be an issue for him.

Interior Scoring

Should develop into a versatile finisher from the dunker spot. Relocates well on the interior, finding the open space and generating easy catch-and-finish opportunities for himself. Able to finish with dunks or with layups, where he uses his length to get good extension and finish against contact.

Plays easily at rim level due to his length and fluid athleticism ability off of one or two feet, should develop into a solid roll-man in screen-and-roll sets.

Still not there in terms of self-creation or finishes beyond the restricted area, doesn’t show much versatility in terms of utilizing floaters or other type of finishes beyond dunks and layups.

Uses his shoulders to create space inside after catching the ball on the interior, but should improve lower body strength, otherwise he won’t be able to create much separation against bigs at the next levels of competition.


Has shown potential to put the ball on the floor in transition and straight-line drive opportunities, but doesn’t have much speed or wiggle with the ball in his hands.

Fluid enough to initiate dribble hand-offs.


Willing to take three-pointers off-the-catch when he’s open despite having limited success with them: 12% from beyond the arc on 3.1 attempts per 36 minutes on the 2019-20 season.

Shooting mechanics are a work in progress. Two-motion hitch shot — brings the ball all the way up to his forehead, with a release point to the right side of his body. Tends to take his guiding hand off the ball too son, which makes him a one-hand shooter at times. Feet too close together in his stance, which can affect the balance on his shot.

Seems to have addressed some of his issues according to recent workout videos, but there’s still variance in his mechanics from shot to shot.


Extremely concerning turnover stats: 5.25 turnovers per 36 minutes on the 2019-20 season on a 0.17 assist-to-turnover ratio.


Potential as a versatile shot blocker given his combination of  size, length and quickness to elevate off a standstill. Has the ability to contest and block shots both as a primary rim protector and as a help defender. Aware enough to make simple defensive rotations on the interior.

Could develop into a positive switch defender on an island. Able to use his long legs and lateral mobility to cover drives, which he can then contest at the rim using his length. Effective closing out on shooters due to his length, can affect shots. Quick to move his feet in isolation situations, although he will need to be more disciplined and less prone to overreactions (biting on pump fakes, turning hips and be out of position against crossovers) to thrive at the next level.

Needs major improvement as a off-ball/team defender. Gets caught ball-watching way too often, which opponents exploit with cuts to the basket. Should improve positioning and timing when showing and trapping ball-handlers out of pick-and-rolls, as he’s prone to take bad angles, miss positioning and let entry passes in.


Started playing basketball at 17 years old and his first organized basketball experience was as after arriving in Spain as an 18 year old, playing for Zentro Basket.

Has had minimal experience against professional competition, and his productivity at Liga EBA (the fourth tier of Spanish basketball) has been limited in terms of offensive output and efficiency. Gaining experience against higher levels of competition as soon as possible will be extremely valuable for him, as it will help evaluators in answering several questions around his profile, namely how will he be able to adapt to improved competition? how much can he continue to improve considering his late arrival to competitive basketball? and how impactful can he be against a better level of competition?

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