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Physical Tools

Great size and length for a center. Definitely needs to add strength to not get pushed around at the highest levels; has a decent frame. Added mass would also help him maintain balance better on contact finishes.

Has a big catch radius due to his size, standing reach as well as decent vertical jump.

Above average mobility for a center. Moves well as the roll-man and as a pick-and-roll defender. Coordinated backpedalling in drop coverage.


Good vision distributing from the post. Finds cutters and open shooters with regularity and recognizes double teams relatively quickly.

Rarely used as a short roll distributor, but can find open shooters in these situations.

Not comfortable enough handling the ball to run DHO’s or distribute the ball off the dribble.

Interior Scoring

Mobile roll-man with a wide catch radius. Not elite when it comes to creating separation after setting the screen, but still has a lot of rim gravity as he can catch so many passes that the P&R ballhandler can just throw it up to him whenever he’s in trouble.

Good finisher with his right hand. Decent touch for difficult finishes as well. Needs to add upper body muscle to be able to maintain balance on contact finishes. Draws a decent amount of free throws and has made roughly 65-70% of them in the limited sample available.

Lacks the strength to consistently establish good post position against pros. Seems to possess some level of touch, but often rushes shots from tough angles when self-creating on the interior. Creates additional possessions with his offensive rebounding.

Could do a better job protecting the ball when backing down in the post or gathering the ball as the roll-man.


Primary rim protector, who impacts shots at the rim with his size, length and impressive timing, often times even without jumping, which helps him to prevent unnecessary fouls. Still gets finished through too easily, but that should improve once he adds upper body strength.

Primarily used as a drop defender in pick-and-roll. Shows good mobility and coordination. Occasionally takes a bad angle or mistimes his retreat, but he’s generally positioned well and contains plays regularly. Shows good speed when recovering to his man.

Mobile enough defending in space to stay between some smaller players and the rim and force tough shots/kick-outs. Jumps way too easily on fakes on the perimeter.

Gets moved too easily by physical centers in the post. Because he’s so slight, post players can also often attack one side and he doesn’t have the width to get in front of them.

Very good rebounder on both ends with his size and length. Very dutiful when it comes to boxing out.

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