Jean Montero



Date of Birth:



Dominican Republic




Current Team:

Gran Canaria (Spain)




star star star star star







Munir Dagher

Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

Signed a professional contract with Herbalife Gran Canaria in October 2019. Reported length of the contract is four years.

Physical Tools

Lateral Athlete

Average size for defending the one position at the NBA level at 6’2”. No measurements on his wingspan yet, but he uses his length well to get in passing lanes, deny penetration and finish at the rim.

Excellent body control and really good deceleration. Tremendously coordinated and fluid athlete who is able to navigate and maintain balance against contact and through tight spaces.

Lacks an elite degree of vertical explosiveness, which will make him reliant on his touch and his ability to withstand contact to be a plus as a finisher at the rim.

Shows the requisite lateral quickness to stay in front of perimeter players at the NBA level.


All-Around Shooter

Versatile and prolific shooter who possesses a rare, near outlier level of touch which allows him to convert jumpshots from tremendous range. Comfortable shooting with little time and space and in awkward positions.

Effective at creating space for his pull-up jumper in isolation thanks to his creative handles and his polished offensive footwork. Consistent at converting difficult stepbacks, sidestep jumpers with impressive range.

Knows how to use screens to generate space for his pull-up jumpers. Shows the ability to turn the corner with the ball in his hands and decelerate/stop on a dime to get his pull-up off. Difficult cover in pick-and-roll defense, as he’s able to capitalize on the space given by defenders in drop coverage.

Versatile and consistent in catch-and-shoot opportunities. Quick shot preparation which allows him to catch on the hop. Able to come off screens and let his shot fly as soon as he gets any sort of open space.

One-motion shooting mechanics, balanced lower body with his feet pointing to the rim. Flows well from his gather and upforce to his release. Knees tend to bend inwards too much (this is likely to generate more power to shoot from range) and could improve his shooting elbow slightly flaring out.


Drive Creator

Prolific drive creator who is relentless at putting pressure on the opposing defense. Able to initiate drives both off of handles and out of his solid, though not elite, first step.

Creative and deceptive ball-handler who is able to flow seamlessly between an arsenal of moves (in-and-outs, hang dribbles, crossovers, behind-the-back and through-the-legs dribbles) to create space in the perimeter.

Has the shiftiness and the ball control in traffic that allows him to escape traps in the perimeter, probe until he finds the slightest of spaces on the defense and then use his body control to navigate through a crowd inside the arc.

Despite lacking the optimal size to create space out of physicality on his drives and an elite degree of vertical explosiveness to finish at the rim, he compensates with his elite touch and excellent hangtime which allows him to readjust mid-air, find the open space and finish tough shots after contact. Shows flashes of ambidexterity as a finisher, being able to convert with his off hand. Can occasionally use floaters to avoid rim protectors and finish against heavy traffic.


Primary Initiator

Prolific passer on the move. Impressively reactive to opposing defenders. Takes advantage of the gravity he generates as a driver to set up teammates for open shots. Really aware of the corners as a driver, prolific drive-and-kick passer who is able to find open shooters after drawing help defenders.

Accurate passer who is able to deliver the ball to teammates on long range (eg. outlet passes) and at high speeds. Able to deliver the ball right where teammates want it, even through contact and awkward angles on the drive. Shows flashes of live dribble passing.

Doesn’t play in a system that prioritizes half-court offense or set plays but he knows how to take advantage of his shooting gravity in the perimeter. Shows the ability to find the open roll-man out of traps and double teams in pick-and-rolls. Throws accurate lobs to bigs coming off screens.


Guard Defender, Disruptive Off-Ball Defender

Limited to defending the smallest player in the opposing team at the moment given his size at 6’2”

Engaged on-ball defender at the point-of-attack, shows the requisite lateral mobility and body control to stay in front of opposing ball-handlers to cover drives and contain penetration. Able to generate defensive events (steals / deflections) at an impressive rate.

At his best off-the-ball when he’s able to get on passing lanes, where he shows quick hands and good reaction time to come up with steals.

Could improve his awareness of defensive rotations, way more comfortable and impactful when defending on the ball.

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