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Physical Tools

Optimal size for his role as a lead or even secondary initiator, listed at 6’8″.

Really good combination of balance, coordination and body control for his size, which allows him to navigate tight windows with the ball in his hands.

Below average quickness and explosiveness. Mostly relies on changes of pace and dribble height to get into the paint.

Plays almost strictly below the rim, lacking the vertical pop to finish without a significant runway coming down the lane.

Despite adding significant muscle in the months leading up to his NBL debut, he still needs to improve in terms of strength to mitigate the disadvantages of his lack of explosiveness as a driver/finisher at the rim and his limitations as a defender. Would become a way more interesting prospect in NBA terms if he got strong enough to defend bigger forwards.


Elite combination of passing vision, instincts and size. Has excellent court awareness and can find teammates all over the floor when he’s on the move.

Tremendous pick-and-roll playmaker who is able to pick apart a defense once he gets a screen, quickly finding and delivering the ball to open teammates.

Versatile and accurate passer who knows angles and bounces to get the ball to teammates through tight spaces. Routinely makes advanced one-hand deliveries off the live dribble, extremely hard to predict as a facilitator, deceptive with his reads and creative with his deliveries. Consistently fits passes through the smallest of windows and finds teammates who should be “two passes away”.

Reactive playmaker on the move. Plays with poise and patience in traffic, creating open shot opportunities for his teammates by attracting help defenders on his way to the rim.

Excellent transition passer who is able to start the break out of defensive rebounds and makes quick decisions in the early offense to advance the play.

Utilizes his size difference against smaller perimeter defenders, by making passes over the top of the defense.


Still a drive/pass-first player but has shown potential as a shooter despite sub-30% shooting from three on the 2020-21 season. Had made significant improvement in his shot before his first NBL season shooting 32-99 (32.3%) from three and 84-118 (71.2%) from the line throughout two Australian youth championships, the 2019 Academy Games, NBL1 and U17 Oceania Championship as well the prestigious L’Hospitalet tournament in Spain.

Shoots a two-motion shot with compact and repeatable mechanics off the catch. Short jump with a good angle in his shooting hand, arm & forearm (triple 90º). Has issues maintaining balance in mid-air, which cause him to either lunge or kick one leg forward, an issue that should resolve in the coming years as he adds core strength.

Potential to develop a versatile shooter down the line considering his combination of touch and mechanics. Has shown the ability to hit shots off movement, especially when assisted by a screen. Can make defenders pay for going under screens, though he’s still inconsistent.


Lacks the elite quickness and the explosive handling ability to beat elite guard and wing defenders in the perimeter, but should be able to create advantages against slower match-ups due to his combination of size and fluidity with the ball in his hands.

Shows a good combination of speed, ball control and balance with the ball in his hands, which allows him to navigate tight spaces and escape defensive pressure with relative ease. Excellent ability to utilize screens to create advantages and driving lanes for himself.

Versatile finisher despite his lack of elite length and leaping ability. Has good touch on finishes against contact and through awkward angles. Has good hang time. Efficient at using different finishes (e.g. floaters, reverse layups) to protect the ball and avoid contact at the rim.

Lack of size and ability to withstand contact can make it hard for him to create separation against stronger opponents on drives, can get thrown off balance easily when finishing at the rim or when facing defensive pressure on his way to the rim.


Lacks the foot quickness to contain penetration from quicker guards and wings on islands. Doesn’t turn his hips quickly enough to recover and stay in front of drivers when beaten off the dribble.

Should improve as a defender once he adds strength, but at this point struggles with physicality which makes him unable to cover forwards and bigger wings.

Difficult to envision a day-one defensive role for him at the NBA level due to these positional inadequacies. It’s likely that he’ll need to be hidden defending off-ball wings during his first few seasons.

Will need to be coached to become an effective off-ball defender, as he’s prone to mistakes (overhelping, getting caught ball watching, floating through some stretches, etc.)

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