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Physical Tools

Great size for a wing, measured at 6’5″ with a tremendous 7’0″ wingspan at the 2021 NBA G League Elite Camp.

Strong frame for his size at 214 lbs with 7.1% body fat. Plays much bigger than his height, welcomes physicality on both ends of the floor.

Explosive and powerful leaper both off one and two feet, able to play at rim level with ease.

Great open court athlete due to speed (long strides) and vertical athleticism.

More of an athlete in space than in short areas; fluid but not overly quick.


Able to beat opponents in the perimeter with a solid first step. Not the most creative ball-handler, but is able to mix in simple moves in crossovers and in-and-outs to get some defenders off-balance.

Attacks the basket aggressively and explosively. Accelerates well after his first step getting a lot of momentum coming down the lane. Can go over and through defenders, and get in positions to finish around them with his length.

Explosive, highlight finisher with a runway to the rim. His combination of momentum coming down the lane, hangtime and length should allow him to develop into an efficient finisher, even though his touch around the basket is iffy at times. Will need to work on his finishing, especially on the move and against pressure, can miss shots that should be easy for him.

Not super creative, quick or shifty in short areas. Not really someone who is able to stop on a dime, decelerate or use counter moves in traffic to protect the ball. Can struggle to keep his handle alive in traffic.


Improved shooter both in terms of mechanics and results. Shot 34.2% from beyond the arc on the 2020-21 season on 158 attempts — 5.5 3PA per 36 minutes.

Has quickened the shot preparation to a point where he’s able to get his shot off quickly before getting contested. Has also tightened his upper body on the release, tucking the elbows in and showing better aim/alignment to the rim.

Shows flashes of creation off the dribble, especially from the mid-range. Can also occasionally shoot after coming off a screen, making defenders pay for going under.

His track record as a poor shooter before the 2020-21 season, combined with his 61.3% FT shooting on the season and a poor mark at the G League Elite Camp shooting drills (40% on spot-ups, third worst mark in the Camp), could be potential signs of concern in this area.


Has blossomed into an impressive pick-and-roll playmaker in his latest season, after showing flashes of half-court initiation early in his career at the youth levels.

Able to capitalize on his size to scan the floor and make deliveries over the top of the defense.

Shows versatility and accuracy in his deliveries, able to find teammates that are two passes away.

Still has some lapses in terms of decision-making, can throw telegraphed passes right into traffic.


Capable point-of-attack defender who is able to use his size and length to smother smaller ball handlers. Not extremely quick, but stays in front of opponents most of the times and is able to recover with chasedown blocks when beaten in the perimeter.

Able to selectively hold his own on the post due to his combination of strength and length. Could develop into a wing/forward defender at the NBA level.

Doesn’t seem to have particularly great instincts on team defense. Can fall for pump fakes and tends to gamble on defense, relying too much on his length to play passing lanes, which leaves him out of position often.

Interior Scoring

Showed flashes of playing as a post up threat in some points of his youth level career, but that part of his game has been phased out in recent years in favor of developing his perimeter play. Still should be able to post up smaller guards and occasionally act as a target in 1-3 pick-and-rolls given his combination of strength, passing ability and explosiveness, which should allow him to set strong screens, catch lobs and make passes off the short roll.

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