Leandro Bolmaro



Date of Birth:








Current Team:

Barcelona (Spain)








Igor Crespo

Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

His current contract with Barcelona runs until 2023. His buyout is reportedly $ 900,000 according to Matt Babcock (source)

Physical Tools

Great positional size at 6’7″ with a 6’8″ wingspan, should be able to defend multiple perimeter positions.

Long and lanky body without much muscle. His lack of strength limits his effectiveness as a rebounder and, especially, as a finisher around the basket. Has a good frame that should make him able to fill out in time without losing athleticism.

Good open court athlete who runs the floor with great speed. Has long legs that allow him to cover ground quickly in few strides.

Has a background as a track-and-field athlete. He was one of the best decathletes in Argentina until 2016, when he gave it up to focus on basketball. It shows especially in the open court.


High level passer who shows impressive vision and makes smart decisions with the ball. Versatile in his deliveries, throws great live dribble passes with both hands, though he favors his right.

Reactive passer who can make quick reads and deliveries. Prolific drive-and-kick passer after he gets to the paint. Stays patient and doesn’t leave the ground to draw help and find teammates when he’s putting pressure on the rim. Because of his positional size, he frequently has a size advantage which draws more help to the paint and more open teammates.

Excellent pick-and-roll operator. He does a great job turning the corner hard to get downhill and put pressure on the rim coming off a screen. Utilizes different deliveries to get the ball to the roll man in whip passes, jump passes.


Still developing as a shooter and working through some mechanical issues. Inconsistent shot timing, sometimes rushed and he sometimes appears to release too late. Turns his wrist in at almost a 90 degree angle on his follow-through. At times he drops his hands too early not following through with his shot.

Shot 29.3% on 75 attempts from 3 in the 2019-20 ACB season. He shot 27/38 on free throws which tracks with his 70.5% free throw shooting on just 118 career attempts on record.


Able to initiate drives with a quick first step, he does a great job of putting the ball on the floor immediately after a catch. Has counter moves and he does a great job of quickly changing directions to beat defenders trying to contain penetration.

Really good speed with the ball in his hands. Extremely shifty and quick to get downhill in the open court.

Can have trouble operating in traffic, struggling to keep his balance and his dribble alive against contact. At times he seems to drive faster than what his dribbling ability can sustain which makes him lose the ball.

Rarely attempts to finish against traffic and contact. Doesn’t get much pop off the ground and needs time to load up after getting to the rim. Compensates to a degree with his touch in floaters or other type of finishes beyond the restricted area.


Active on-ball defender who is constantly moving his feet and hands. Takes small, quick steps on the ball to keeping his man in front of him and contain penetration on the perimeter.

Harasses offensive initiators at the point-of-attack. Switchable enough on the ball to guard Point Guards.

Does a fairly good job at navigating screens as a pick-and-roll defender, but doesn’t get skinny enough and hits them with too much of his body. Which can puts himself behind the play and struggle to get back in position.

Active and smart help defender. Can be prone to overreactions and tends to gamble too often in the passing lanes, helping unnecessarily and leaving his primary assignment open.

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