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Player Intel

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Physical Tools

Good size for a wing, listed at 6’6″ with a 6’10.5″ wingspan and an 8’7″ standing reach.

Impressive open court athlete. Able to run the court with great speed which makes him a threat in transition. Plays above the rim with ease both off of one or two feet when he finds a runway to the basket.

Has a low center of gravity and good lower body strength, which should allow him to play through contact and bigger than his size on both ends of the floor.

More fluid than explosive or quick as a short-area athlete.


Acts as a gravity passer, being able to set up teammates with open shots as he drives. Plays unselfishly and with his head up on the move, knowing how to take advantage of double teams and help defenders.

Shows accuracy and moments of versatility on his deliveries. Utilizes his size effectively to make passes over smaller defenders. Has the ability to make skip passes and get the ball to the weakside to find teammates who should be “two passes away” and therefore are nearly open.

Acts as a transition initiator. Looks to create advantages by finding teammates in the early offense. Accurate with his long-range outlet passes.

Very sporadic moments of half-court initiation, mainly via pick-and-pop executions. Shows good timing to hit the trailing big for open shots after drawing defenders.


Inconsistent shooter throughout his career. Shows very isolated moments of dribble shooting, but it’s not a rare occurrence to see bad misses off-the-catch, even with time and space.

Despite some improvement in recent years to his shot mechanics, namely being more solid and consistent on his preparation and stance, he still needs further improvement. Two-motion shot with an off-balance release to the left side of his face — brings the ball back almost all the way up to his left shoulder. Elbow in his guiding arm flairs out to his right.

Shows the ability to create separation for pull-ups with stepbacks and crossovers, but hasn’t been consistent enough as a shooter to capitalize on those opportunities.


Able to initiate drives with a solid, though not elite first step and basic crossovers, hesitations and dribble moves to create space against slower defenders. Has an average level of shake and deceptiveness as a ball-handler.

Heavily favors driving to his left, which makes him somewhat predictable and could limit his effectiveness as a drive creator at the next level, given his lack of elite first step and creativity as a ball-handler. Opponents could simply take away his left hand.

His good speed with the ball in his hands allow him to get to the rim after turning the corner. Doesn’t have particularly long legs, which makes him have to take an extra step on his way to the rim, which could be a concern given his lack of elite shiftiness.

Consistent and tough finisher who utilizes his combination of strength, length and hangtime to convert at the rim. Shows the ability to withstand contact, not easily thrown off balance at the basket. Gets good extension on his finishes, which allow him to convert through traffic.

Not especially polished in advanced finishes, can struggle if forced to finish with floaters and similar finishes a few feet away from the rim.


Could develop into a versatile wing and forward defender in time considering his combination of size, length and strength. At the moment he’s limited to match ups against the 2 and 3 positions. Struggles against bigger forwards and can be taken advantage against quicker guards given his lack of elite lateral quickness. Not someone who is going to shut primary initiators one on one.

Opportunistic off-ball defender who utilizes his length to get on passing lanes and make plays.

Plus rebounder for his role where he utilizes his combination of standing reach, standstill leaping ability and quick second jump.

Low block rate in his career, has consistently been below the 1% mark in BLK%

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