Mario Nakić



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Filou Oostende (Belgium)




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Physical Tools

Solid positional size, plays the 3/2 at 6′ 7″

Fairly strong, especially in his lower body, holds position well.

Fluid movement laterally. Moves well north-south with strong, driving second and third steps.

Not explosive vertically especially off of one foot.


Shot is much more refined this season. He keeps the ball high without much dip or power from his legs.

High volume 3-point shooter off the catch and off the dribble as a youth player.

Percentages trailed the eye test with his shot, but they are starting to catch up. He should become a reliable shooter as a pro.

Can create space to shoot with lateral dribbles, side-steps, and step-backs. Takes his time to set his feet and get good movement looks.


Not super manipulative with the ball, wants to drive in a straight line.

Quick to put the ball on the floor, really strong with it, builds momentum as he gets downhill.

Doesn’t explode vertically at the rim, especially with defensive pressure.

He has to jump off of two feet – where he is less explosive – to stay on balance through contact.

Overall, his touch is average, or slightly better, but his lack of ability to create angles makes him a below average rim scorer.

Has some creative moves to throw off the defense and create angles, has to make strides in this area to be effective.


Not an incisive passer, willing to make the right read when presented with the chance.

Doesn’t look for passes on the move, focused on staying under control, has had turnover problems in the past taking care of the ball.


Hidden on defense at the highest levels but can be an average or better defender going forward.

Moves well enough to stick with 2s where he has a size advantage but he can also adequately guard 3s.

Not afraid to attempt to guard point guards but struggles against the quickest guards, same in down low: not afraid to guard 4s but the strongest players will out-physical him.

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