Marko Simonović



Date of Birth:







Current Team:

Mega Soccerbet (Serbia)








Misko Raznatovic

Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

Signed a two-year contract with Mega Soccerbet in 2019.

Physical Tools

Standing at 6-foot-11, he has good size for the 4 and 5 positions, with adequate length and frame.

He moves well with the agility to stay in front of perimeter players, and ability to withstand the strength of some centers. Quick feet, and impressive lateral quickness for his size.

He does not stand out as an athlete, he’s not the greatest leaper and doesn’t get off the ground quickly, but he shows great instincts on rebounds.


Not only does he have ability to pass inside and play with other big men, he is a solid passer in most other situations as well.

He is unselfish and really good at reading rotations and getting the ball to the corner or to a cutting teammate.

After setting screens or on drives, he will usually try to finish but he won’t force it if the defense closes on him.


His mechanics and form are mostly fine, although he twists his body a little to the left when shooting.

Mainly a pick and pop and set shooter, but he can occasionally come off of screens to shoot. It would be huge for him going forward if he becomes more of a movement shooting threat, as there aren’t many 6’11” guys that can do it.

He shows comfort dribbling into his spots to pull up and is truly becoming a complete shooter overall.

Interior Scoring

He has good finishing touch inside and can play off other players’ drives.

He understands inside positioning really well, and can be paired with another inside presence effectively on high-low plays.

He doesn’t really have a pure post game, relying more on his rebounding or his teammates to create for him.


He can be a solid defender when guarding more perimeter-oriented players, he handles switches well.

He needs to give guards more space to stay in front of them as he usually advances a bit too much, which creates disadvantages against shooters. He will hold his own when he gets switched to drivers. He also has the capacity to help and get back to his player and either contest the shot or stop penetration.

He can hold his own inside against similar builds and even slightly stronger players, using good balance and force on his lower body. He usually stays still and contests with both hands, and doesn’t jump on fakes. His ability to move laterally, combined with the previously noted lower body balance, allows him to stay in front of the offensive player working in the post.

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