Miguel Allen



Date of Birth:







Current Team:

Joventut (Spain)





Player Intel

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Physical Tools

Smooth and explosive athlete with positional size.

Strong upper body frame with strong shoulders, however he needs to add strength on his chest. Very strong and flexible core.

Quick on his feet, moves well laterally and linearly with solid vertical pop.


Still learning to make an impact with his passing but he has good court vision and the ability to create passing windows by blowing by his defenders with a solid first step and interior gravity. 

Good ballhandler for his size. Knows how to use his strength to absorb contact and make a play. Not a primary initiator but effective as a wing facilitator.


Two-motion shooting form is an issue, he doesn’t have great touch as a shooter. Good elbow point alignment but he must work on his upper body form overall to improve as a shooter.

Very little shot versatility but he is decent in spot-up situations.

Tried a lot of 3-pointers at ANGT Valencia 2020 but the hitting rate was not the desired level. 


Not a primary ballhandler as he doesn’t have an elite degree of shiftiness or craftiness with the ball in his hands. However, he’s aggressive as a slasher with a solid first step and does a good job attacking closeouts. He’s quick with the ball and has the ability to go by slower defenders in straight line drives.

Very right-hand dominant. His strength and body control allow to finish in traffic but he’s prone to forcing the game if he can get scrambled. 

Impressive finishing even over a rim protector thanks to his solid touch and vertical leaping. Occasionally, he can finish impressive dunks over the defense, he can finish above the rim very well and likes to play physically.


Has versatility on the defensive end but still needs experience and improved IQ. He has excellent potential as a multi-positional defender because of his length, strength, and agility.

Can be too focused on the ball on the defensive end which finds him struggling to provide help.


Has versatility on the cutting styles. Knows how to move without the ball from strong-side wing to weak-side corner. Very effective while cutting to take the ball and make money quickly. Can make money with putbacks thanks to agility, game reading, and length.

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