Nenad Dimitrijević



Date of Birth:



North Macedonia




Current Team:

Joventut Badalona (Spain)








Excel Sports

Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

Withdrew from early entrant consideration in 2019, automatically eligible in 2020.

Has a contract with Joventut which expires in 2021.

Physical Tools

With a skinny 185-pound frame, he possesses undersized physical tools. This year, his upper body has become slightly wider than in previous years and the muscle mass in his lower body has increased significantly.

With tight shoulders and poor overall length, he’s currently not physically fit for the NBA and he doesn’t have any great potential for that at his age.

Decent lateral burst, but not good vertically.


Overall, he has the ability to make every pass on the court with high BBIQ, excellent court vision, and game instincts. He can change his team’s offensive direction with quick and soft touched skip passes and control the pace of the game with his passes and making the right choices under pressure without any mistakes.

Despite he has not able to finish through the contact, he can operate passes in traffic very well. He uses his body as a shield to creates the best drive-and-kick angle. And in these situations, his touch, timing, and BBIQ make him a special passer. He is very crafty, does very well to use body, eye and pass fake.

One of the best things about his playmaking ability is that he can combine his court vision, BBIQ, timing and maturity with solid ballhandling and constant speed change very well. In PnR situations, he is a  very smart and mature playmaker who can operate the game to roll/pop player’s game skill-set.

He is a major playmaker but occasionally, he struggles against physical guard defenders and becomes a secondary ballhandler and shooter.


He is not a versatile shooter but can usually shoot as a secondary or give-and-go player.

He has a one-motion shooting form with a nice elbow pocket, above the head release but not too close to head (this gives the defender chance to contest his shot) and a good release.

He does not seem comfortable when shooting. He looks like a robot when bending his legs and back, while his balance pulls his hand from the ball. He can punish a defense that gambles but is not an elite shooter overall.


He does a very good job using his body to protect the ball. He’s able to protect the ball by turning his back to his opponent, and shows his body control and eye-hand coordination. If he played against the pesky defender when he set up the game as a primary ballhandler.

Refined footwork allows him to create separation for a layup in the paint.


He is a smart defender who knows the offensive systems and plays with huge motor and heart, but, his physical tools and lack of elite length limit him as a defender a lot. However, he knows how to rotate to steal the ball very well. So defensively, he plays with his BBIQ more than his physical tools.

He’s shown flashes of peskiness in one-on-one situations but when the opposite teams runs the PnR or sets off the ball offense for his man, he becomes very bad defender.


By Kuzey Kılıç

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