Nikolaos Rogkavopoulos



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AEK Athens (Greece)




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Physical Tools

Good size for a wing/forward prospect at 6’8″, with a below average 6’8″ wingspan.

His frame is still developing and he’s still not strong enough to keep up with stronger wings on the interior, but has wide shoulders and could fill out nicely in time.

Not an explosive athlete by any means, but shows above average north/south mobility and body control for his size.

Solid leaper off a standstill, but not elite by any means.


Versatile shooter who thrives at making difficult jumpshots against heavy pressure from defenders. Elite range and ability to convert jumpers off-balance.

Extremely quick shot preparation, barely needs time to set his feet before getting into his motion. This makes him an excellent relocator when he’s off-the-ball, able to run through screens to get open and quickly set his feet to shoot after he loses his defender.

Mechanically consistent, high release point which at his size makes it hard for opponents to contest; shoots at the apex of his jump. Really good balance, fully extending his body.

Fluid ball handler in space who can create space for his pull-up jumpers. Shows excellent offensive footwork, knows his fakes, jab steps which allow him to create separation against his man.


Able to initiate drives against similarly sized opponents, possesses a quick enough first step to get by similarly sized opponents; at his best when matched up against forwards.

Fluid ball handler in space for his size, able to create space and get defenders off-position with simple crossovers and dribble moves.

Doesn’t show the same fluidity when dribbling in traffic, hard for him to change directions mid-drive or to pull out dribble moves to counter what the defense throws at him on his way to the rim. Can get tangled up with the ball in traffic or at high speeds.

Despite his ability to create space, he favors heavily dribble jumpers over drives in ISO situations, which makes him a bit predictable as a perimeter self-creator.

Not an explosive finisher by any means, but tries to maximize his extension when finishing at the rim, does a good job of shielding the ball from contests. Shows good touch as a finisher off-balance.


Able to make passes out of gravity, taking advantage of defensive helps when he’s on the move or when he’s trapped in the perimeter. Prolific at drive-and-kick & drive-and-dish opportunities. Knows how to use his size on the move to make passes over the top of the defense.

Not a primary initiator by any means, but someone who plays with his head up and generally makes the right play.

Consistently positive A:TO ratio throughout his career.


Defensive tweener whose ceiling would be bulking up to play at the four and keep up with slower, bigger forwards in the perimeter and the interior.

Not a defensive contributor in the perimeter. Hard for him to defend on an island especially when matched up against wings or guards. Doesn’t possess the footwork, quickness to react or the ability to turn hips to cover drives and keep opponents in front.

Tends to give up on plays after getting beaten off the dribble, not someone who plays with a tremendous amount of energy on the defensive end of the floor.

Track record of low volume of defensive events (steals + blocks)


Smart cutter, specially from baseline, really takes advantage of his primary defender helping on the interior.

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