Paul Eboua



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Current Team:

VL Pesaro (Italy)









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Other Intel:

Reportedly a free agent at the time of the 2020 NBA Draft, after his contract with Stella Azzurra expired in the summer of 2020.

Physical Tools

Excellent physical profile to defend forwards and small ball centers, standing at 6’7.5″ with a 7’3.5″ wingspan.

Well built, with wide shoulders and a really strong frame which allows him to play through contact on both ends of the floor. Will be ready for NBA physicality from day one.

Solid north/south athlete who runs the floor with good speed. Uses his long legs to cover ground quickly within a few strides.

Solid vertical athlete, explosive with a runway to the rim, easily plays at rim level with a head full of steam. Combines a good standstill vertical and his length to be a factor in rebounding.

Interior Scoring

Not a self-creator on the interior at this point, but should develop into a solid play finisher at the rim given his physical package.

Should develop into a threat as a cutter considering his combination of mobility, physical power and leaping ability. Has a good sense of opportunity to find the open space.

Shows good instincts and quick reatcions as an offensive rebounder, knows how to use his frame and how to position himself on the interior to find the open space. Uses his combination of length and leaping ability to high-point rebounds.


Could develop into a spot-up shooter in time. 28.4% career three-point shooter on 3.5 attempts per 36 minutes.

Two-motion shooting mechanics, has worked on his shot, shortened his exaggerated dip to get a quicker release. Wide shooting base knocking his knees too close together.

Shows too much variance in his shooting mechanics and results off movement to projecting him as anything else as a spot-up shooter.


Limited to open-court handling and straight-line driving. Able to initiate transition out of rebounds.

Does a good job of attacking closeouts and creating space out of physicality on his way to the rim.


Has serious issues as a team defender. Tends to get lost on ball screens, failing to understand optimal positioning. Tends to leave holes in the defense that opposing ball-handlers can easily exploit with simple entry passes.

Reacts late on switches, tends to overhelp on the pick-and-roll ball-handler, leaving shooters open in the perimeter, which forces him into hard closeouts.

Could develop into a passable perimeter defender on an island, as he’s able to use his size and move his feet quickly on ISO plays. Able to cover drives with his size, length and mobility against forwards and most wings.

At his best on the post when using his length to contest shots and collaborate as a defensive rebounder. Otherwise lacks the footwork to really cover post-ups, can be manipulated into overcommiting to one side of the ball and getting attacked on face ups.


Paul Eboua Scouting Report

6 November 2020

2020 NBA Draft Survey

24 September 2020

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