Sacha Killeya-Jones



Date of Birth:



Great Britain




7' 2"

Current Team:

MKS Dabrowa Gornicza









Interest Level in NCAA:

Other Intel:

Dual citizen of GB and USA played two seasons at Kentucky before transferring to North Carolina State. Left there before playing a game for Get Better Academy in the Czech Republic. Early entry into the draft but withdrew due to an injury. Auto-eligible in 2020 due to contract with GBA (and subsequently BC Kalev-Cramo) during the 2019 calendar year.

Physical Tools

Measured at 6’10 in shoes back in 2016 but has been listed as 6’11 more recently. Wingspan was listed at 7’2 back in 2016. Listed at 100kg.

Explosive leaper, plays above the rim. Elevates well on lobs and putbacks. Prefers to jump off of two feet.

Impressive body control. He moves really well on the floor at his size. Able to contort his body in the air, can adjust shots in mid-air.

Has clearly added strength over the past few years and his frame suggest he could add even more.


Can put the ball on the floor but mainly to get to a shot.

Passing isn’t natural to him. He often gets stuck into the mindset of scoring. In the post he will just put his head down and go to work.

Usually only passes when he has to. He can actually make some nice passes at times when he isn’t in position to score. The passes he does make come when someone steps up on him rolling to the rim, outside the 3 point line, or when someone digs down on him in the post.


Rarely uses more than two or three consecutive dribbles.

Touch is impressive on the move, he can finish tough layups. He prefers his right hand but can still finish with his left.

Useful in the pick and roll with his athleticism and touch rolling to the rim. This will be very important for him to have a role in the NBA.

Interior Scoring

Could add strength as he can struggle to back opponents down in the post at times. Usually resorts to an off balance fadeaway in that situation.

Impressive footwork in the post. Often able to pull off multiple fakes, spins, and step throughs. Long strides allow him to get to his spot when he steps through or streaks across the lane.

Really prefers right hand in the post. Often takes a dribble and will go over his left shoulder for a little RH hook shot when defense tries to force him to use his left.

Very active in pursuit of the basketball on offensive rebounds. His second jump is good. The length he possesses allows him to keep tipping balls and keep plays alive resulting in putbacks.


Main question on defense is his mentality. If he locks in, he has the tools to be able to slide with guards and still protect the rim.

Does a good job as a shot blocker. His length and athleticism allows him to deter shots at the rim. He has the potential to have a role as an energetic big blocking and deterring shots at the rim.

Improved as a defensive rebounder. Does a much better job at finding his man to box out before grabbing rebounds.

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