Tadas Sedekerskis



Date of Birth:








Current Team:

Baskonia (Spain)








Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

Has a contract with Baskonia which is rumored to expire in 2022.

Physical Tools

Good size for either forward position standing at 6’9″ with a 6’9.5″ wingspan. No standing reach measurements but he’s able to contest shots from a standstill, high point rebounds and shoot over defenders.

Has long legs which he uses to cover ground quickly.

Elevates with power from a standstill but he’s not super quick to do so, it takes him a while to load up.

Has worked on improving his strength in the past few years, which is especially visible in his upper body. He still needs to work on his lower body, as it can be hard for him to hold his positioning against bigger opponents. Can get completely pushed around on the interior.


Career 37.6% three-point shooter at the club level, albeit on a relatively small sample size — 2.5 attempts per 36 minutes.

Shows a solid base and good balance in his upforce. Elevates well which allows him to shoot over smaller defenders.

His shooting motion could be quicker, has an exaggerated two-motion shot and it takes him a while to load up into his shot. His wrist snap is at times overtly aggressive. Should probably leave his followthrough on his guiding arm, which he pulls back, at times before releasing the shot.

Shows some flashes of spot-up versatility against pressure, being able to quickly relocate and get in a stance to shoot.


Plays mostly off the ball in Baskonia’s scheme, but has shown potential in attacking closeouts in other settings. Able to put the ball on the floor and drive straight lines with power, using his long legs to eat space quickly on his way to the rim.

Mostly a below the rim finisher off of one foot.

Doesn’t have the tightest or most fluid handle. Dribble is rigid and does it mostly away from his body, which limits him as a driver through traffic.

Most of his rim opportunities come as a cutter, where he shows a really good sense of opportunitiy — consistently puts himself in open spaces which generates easy catch-and-finish opportunities for himself.


Showed flashes of gravity passing early in his career, especially when playing for Lithuania’s junior teams, but currently operates mostly off the ball in Baskonia’s system.

Makes solid decisions with the ball in his hands. Plays unselfishly and moves the ball on the perimeter.


Shows mobility as an on-ball defender in the perimeter. Reacts well in drive coverage, having a quick first lateral step and using his long legs to cover ground and stay in front of forwards and slower wings, and use his size to cover smaller opponents on the perimeter.

Can have trouble with turning his hips and with changing directions laterally, smaller opponents are able to create space against him with certain ease by utilizing simple crossovers and changes of speeds and directions.

At his best as a corner defender who can rotate to cover players leaking in from the perimeter. Not an explosive rim protector by any means, but uses his size and standing reach well to contest from a standstill.

Has some lapses as an off-ball defender — realizing who he should be guarding takes him a second longer than he should.

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