Théo Maledon



Date of Birth:







6' 8.5"

Current Team:

ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne (France)




star star star star star




Neustadt Group

Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

Going to the NBA Draft

Physical Tools

Very strong frame with excellent length and size for both guard positions.

Quick and fluid movement without elite explosiveness or first-step quickness. Improved footwork has helped him make strides here.

Solid jumper in space, struggles at times in crowds.


Extremely refined as a playmaker. Doesn’t try to do too much, makes the right play and understands the nuance of putting teammates in positions to score.

Very high IQ handling the ball and navigating the pick and roll. Understands different coverages and how to play them.

Uses his body to keep the defender on his hip and force the help defense to either give him an opening to score or to pass.

Too often, he settles for hitting the screener on a pick and pop instead of staying patient when trapped.

Impressive live dribble passes with his right hand but doesn’t usually do so with his left or across his body.


Compact, repeatable, straight to the rim shot with a slight hip turn.

Not afraid to shoot on the move or coming off a screen. Deliberate and balanced shooting on the move, doesn’t use drastic movement or attempt tough shots but is efficient with the movement shots he does take.

Shoulder injury could be a reason for his drop-off in shooting this past season, typically shoots in the mid to high-30’s on decent volume at all levels.


Uses his length to finish around defenders at the rim. Good touch and ball placement is useful and allows him to creatively avoid rim protectors. Become more comfortable around the rim, needs to increase his volume.

Not super quick on his first step but a very impressive change of pace and hesitation package allows him to break down a lot of defenders without multiple change of direction moves.

He has a lot of functional lower body strength as a ball handler which he uses to keep his defender on his hip and stay patient for advantage situations and looks at the rim.


Size is overwhelming for many point guards and adequate for the two guard position.

Can stick with his man throughout the drive. Slow reaction to a jab step or quick counter moves because of his positioning too close to his man.

Poor footwork in tight spaces to handle screens and to avoid fouls in on-ball recovery situations.

Impressive understanding of rotation off the ball.


Sprained his left shoulder in February 2019, and again hurt his shoulder (which shoulder never reported) in August 2019. Returned quickly from both injuries but hurt his right shoulder in October 2019 and missed a month of action. Worrying number of shoulder injuries before turning 19.

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