Vít Krejčí



Date of Birth:



Czech Republic




Current Team:

Zaragoza (Spain)









Interest Level in NCAA:


Other Intel:

Has a contract with Zaragoza which is rumored to expire in 2022.

Recently had surgery on his left ACL and is out for the 2020-2021 season.

Physical Tools

Great positional size for a wing prospect with some initiating ability.

Vertical explosive off of one and two feet. Long strides give him good speed in the open court. Struggles changing direction and navigating traffic.

All around lack of strength holds him back but especially in the lower body. He can get pushed around easily. Working out with an NBA strength coach while he sits out a season could be huge for the development of his body.

Narrow shoulders and overall skinny appearance do limit expectations for upper body growth.


Makes the right decisions when acting as an initiator. He’s able to take advantage of his size, make passes over the top of the defense.

He’s at his best when assisted by screens, executing pick-and-roll passes with timing and accuracy.

He shows some flashes of creative/deceptive passing, especially with behind the back passes to hit trailing shooters.

His limitations as a handler in traffic and his lack of reactiveness as a passer will probably limit his creation for others to a secondary role.

Great passer on the break. Can initiate transition out of defensive rebounds, make decisions early in the offense, and find open teammates.


Really quick to set his feet, able to catch on the hop which allows him to get his shot off coming off screens. Maintains good balance as a shooter, fully extending his body after the jump. Good follow through.

Two-motion release with a high set point which leads to some delay on his release.

While he can occasionally pull-up when assisted by screens or when he has a closeout to attack, his lack of a quick trigger could limit him as a pull-up creator, as he will face tighter defenses at the NBA level.

His best bet to become a plus player as a perimeter scorer is taking advantage of his touch and high set point and become an elite spot-up shooter.


Drive initiation is not a limitation, as he possesses a quick first step which allows him to beat defenders in one-on-one situations.

Same can be said about his finishing at the rim, where he gets good extension, which allows him to compensate for his lack of strength, which limits his ability to create separation out of physicality when defended by rim protectors.

Also shown promising flashes of body control for impressive finishing around the rim.

It’s what happens in the middle that could limit his driving at the NBA level, as his lack of shiftiness and creativity with the ball in his hands could restrict him to opportunities in transition or where the middle of the floor is clear in the half-court and he can fully take advantage of his ability to generate momentum on the move.


Passes the thresholds necessary to defend wings at the NBA level, given his optimal size, length, fluidity, and vertical leaping ability.

His lack of strength both in his upper and lower body will limit his defensive range, as he can give up ground to fours and bigger threes.

His awareness off-the-ball is poor (beyond the occasional deflection/steal when he shows anticipation and awareness in passing lanes) which makes it hard to see him growing into the type of defender who can make a positive impact beyond man defense against similarly sized opponents.

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