Yam Madar



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Current Team:

Hapoel Tel Aviv (Israel)








CAA Sports

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Other Intel:

Signed a 4-year contract with Hapoel Tel-Aviv in 2018.

Physical Tools

Relies on his energy as his main source of production. He has quick feet on defense and can guard players full court.

He can also make some really athletic plays, with good timing on his jumps, going after offensive rebounds, and good hands on defense.


His court vision and awareness, the ability to throw pocket passes or one-handed bullets to the other side of the floor is special and the biggest plus in his offensive game.

Even with his usual style of play, where he always appears to be in a rush, he can stay calm and patient when playing the pick and roll, reading defenses, and finding the open man.


His shooting technique has been improving, as well as his efficiency, to a point where he has to be respected as a shooter. But he is still pretty inconsistent and is a bit streaky with his jump shot.

He has good mechanics, although a bit slow on the catch and release, which can affect him against quicker defenders.

Although still very raw, Madar shows some flashes of a shot creator. He uses some changes of speed and body fakes to get past defenders but shows difficulties creating separation off his dribble alone, mainly because of some problems with his handle.


He uses his quickness and handle to gets some good looks when he gets a good grip on the ball, keeping his balance to get his shot off or getting to the rim easily, but that still doesn’t happen often.

When at the rim, there are good signs of improvement with his finishing, especially on one-handed layups/floaters, but his lack of upper-body strength and thin frame don’t help.


He will follow his man around everywhere. He applies pressure as soon as he sees the offensive player with the ball, aggressively stalking him full court.

That aggressiveness and energy he brings help cut time off the shot clock from the offense and annoys guards. It can also come back to bite him, as he sometimes gets beaten by quicker and more skilled guards. That doesn’t stop him, and with his quick feet and quick hands, he’ll always put pressure on the ball-handler and create errors.

Off the ball, he is quieter but he can make some impressive plays. He’s always in a helping position and even if his size and frame don’t help him against stronger players, his athleticism makes up for it.


By António Dias

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