Tyrese Proctor Scouting Report


DOB: 1 April 2004

Nationality: Australian

Team: NBA Global Academy

Height: 6’4”

Wingspan: 6’7”

Position: Guard


Proctor stands at about 6’4”. He has great height at the guard spot. Most of the time during his junior years he has had a height advantage against other guards. With his height he should be able to comfortably play either guard spot going forward. He is listed with a 6’7” wingspan. You notice his length on the defensive end. He can really bother other ball handlers and does a good job contesting shots. Again, with his length and at his size he will be comfortable playing either guard spots going forward.

As an athlete Proctor likely wouldn’t be considered a traditional run and jump athlete. While he is reasonably fast, he is a much better athlete when it comes to stopping and starting quickly. His shiftiness is a big strength for him. When jumping he doesn’t have the biggest vertical. Usually he will jump off of one foot. He moves well laterally and is rather strong in his lower body. He could improve his core and upper body strength.


Over the past couple of years Proctor has made a bit of a leap as a ball handler and passer. He has always shown great flashes of passing out of pick and rolls but now he has shown that he can pass without relying on screens as often. Some of this comes down to having more gravity as a scorer and the floor opening up to him more.

Proctor is still at his best when passing to others as he comes off a screen. When he is making passes he does a really good job after he has collapsed the defense and kick out to an open shooter. This is also the case if someone helps off the corner early when he is driving and he is quick to recognise this and kick out to his teammate.

Here you can see some of the reads he can make after he gets downhill.

As a playmaker Proctor can be a bit disappointing when a big hedges in pick and rolls. You will usually find that he will pick the ball up and pivot back around to the perimeter to make a pass. These types of passes are useful if the screener can make a play rolling to the rim or shooting. It becomes more problematic when he is playing with a traditional big and the play has to be reset. He is unselfish when it comes to double teams. It would be nice to see him take on the hedge a bit more by splitting it or retreating and keeping his dribble alive. If he did keep his dribble alive a bit longer then he could stop some of his turnovers and find open teammates more often.

It has been interesting in different settings to see how Proctor has been used as a playmaker. At the under 18s he was unstoppable, but a lot of the time he was playing the 2. Teams were doubling him often in this so it allowed him to attack off the dribble so he didn’t see doubles as often. In the under 20s and at the Tark Classic he was playing point more often. While he still saw hedges and got trapped it was nice to see him with the ball in his hands more. In these settings he was with the NBA Academy instead of his state team. This makes me think this may have been an effort by them to work more on his ball handling and playmaking in a competitive setting. If this is true then this was a great opportunity for him to improve for the future.

Self Creation

As a space creator Proctor is incredibly advanced. It isn’t rare to see him breaking players down and stepping back to get to his shot. He is capable of putting players on the floor when he snatches back with his dribble. As he starts going forward Proctor is so aggressive and quick when he stops and starts that defenders struggle to stay with him. After getting the defender off balance he does a great job of quickly stepping back. He’s already using the James Harden style step back to make up ground and get back to the three point line.

Here you can see the amount of space he is able to create and how quickly he is able to get into his shot after stepping back.

Proctor has a great handle and relies on it to break his man down and get to a shot. He is incredibly shifty with his stop and start moves. When he pulls the ball back he will give a head fake and make defenders play up on him which lets him drive. Most defenders also really respect him as a shooter and play up on him due to the fear of him shooting. When he gets a defender going downhill he has a really good feel for when the defender is off balance. This lets him pull up without getting contested.

Here you can see that he realises that the defender is trying to recover and is in no position to contest his shot as he pulls up.

Out of the triple threat he puts huge fear in defenders as they don’t know what he will do next. He is quite deadly using his jab step and can cause defenders to back up and with how quickly he does this it gives himself enough room to get a shot off.

There are times when he can struggle to get to the rim. Usually I put this down to one of two things: either a lack of burst as a ball handler or a lack of spacing. When he does get cut off on a drive to the rim he usually turns his back and goes to a midrange shot over his defender.

Below is an example of him not getting full separation from his man but there is also almost no space for him to get to the rim. From here he spins back and gets a decent look but misses.

When Proctor does get the room to isolate against a defender, he is usually better if he can attack them while he is on the move. Like I said before his fakes, hesitations and dribble moves let him break down defenders but when he is on the move he is great at getting players to cross their feet over. When he drives at someone his right to left crossover on the move is really good. Finishing from here he usually likes to sneak the ball up with his inside hand while he has some space.

We haven’t really seen a lot of Proctor playing in games with great spacing for him on the offensive end. Usually he is the best player on his team and will command double teams while he is playing with two bigs who aren’t shooters. However, at the start of 2021 we saw him play for Australia against New Zealand with some more spacing. In this play below you can see him attacking coming off a screen with some nice spacing. As he gets downhill off the screen he hits the big with an in and out. This takes the big out of the play as he is off balance and Proctor can go by him. He then flips the ball up quickly with his inside hand.

Off Ball

With Proctor, his ability to score and make plays for others off the dribble is really interesting as a prospect. Proctor is going to have the opportunity to score with the ball in his hands as he moves up levels. However, Proctor operates really well off the ball allowing for him to play alongside other ball handlers. This then makes him much more valuable to his future teams as he doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be impactful on the floor.

Below are two plays from the same game where the same defender was trying to deny him the ball and he goes backdoor on him twice.

Many defenders in Australia know the reputation Proctor carries as a shooter and creator so they will play up on him to deny him the ball. He does a very good job of planting his foot down hard and cutting off of that. Proctor uses his ability to stop and start to get the defender to slow down and then blows by them. He is particularly good using this for back cuts. Out on the perimeter he also does a good job of planting his feet and drifting out to shoot a three. Going forward I would like to see some more flare screens run for him.

Here you can see Proctor run the same play twice but is able to cut according to what the defender gives him.


Proctor is as good a shooter as you will find for a youth initiator prospect. This year combined at the Australian under 18 and under 20 nationals, Proctor shot 32/89 (36%) over 14 games. At the youth level this is a very good percentage when you factor in that Proctor was playing 2 years up at the under 20 tournament and the difficulty of the shots he takes.

When he is shooting the ball he keeps his form rather compact and shoots with a one motion shot but he could clean it up a little bit. As a right handed shooter his right elbow does tend to flare out to the right rather noticeably. It appears his left hand can sit on top of the ball sometimes. His knees do bend inwards. If he is moving or shooting off the dribble and has a defender contesting him he does tend to jump higher than an open look. Even though he does this he still usually always releases the ball as it is on the way up. His right wrist can flick out to the right after releasing the ball. Quite often he drops his hands as soon as he shoots, like how you see someone like Steph Curry do as he knows the shot is going in.

Off the dribble is where Proctor really excels as an elite shooter with an advanced arsenal of shots that he can go to from anywhere on the floor. He likes to go to step backs and is still able to make them while being off balance. His balance is very impressive when he gets a step on the defender and he is able to step back quickly and shoot the ball. He does a good job of covering a lot of distance quickly. Without thinking, he can feel where the three point line is to get his feet back behind the line. Whenever he goes to isolation against a big man he is great at getting them to start moving their feet and will cross them over and can step back to shoot the ball.

Here you can see the high level shot making that Proctor is capable of.

And again here you can see his advanced shot making ability but this time over big men. This shows how little space he needs to get his shot off over them.

At times I question Proctor’s shot selection as he can take ill-advised shots from deep early in the shot clock. Then at other times in mismatches it feels like he settles for the outside shot too often. As he is such a great shooter he can make these shots but there are times you feel like he should be attacking the rim instead. He also has moments in transition where he will look to shoot from deep instead of attacking the rim in one on one situations. These bad shots can also come from the mid range when he fails to get to the rim. He can shoot off balance shots and heavily contested shots.


Something that he will need to improve upon when finishing is that he jumps too early for a layup. At times it is useful for him as he can quickly flip the ball up as he gets past the shoulder of his defender. Other times he is avoiding contact and ends up taking a tough shot. I know it’s a lot easier said than done but I would like to see him dunk the ball or at least try to more often in the half court.

Here you can see him attack the closeout but as he goes to finish he takes off just inside of the free throw line. It works for him here as he scoops the ball up and in, however, he could’ve taken another dribble and finished right next to the rim as his bigs had their men sealed.

As Proctor gets older and continues to get stronger especially in his core and upper body I think he will be a good finisher around the rim. He has already shown flashes of going at rim protectors and finishing through them. When he has played against competition that are the same age as him he has been aggressive and gotten to the free throw line a lot more. However, when he is playing against older competition it is more noticeable that he shies away from the contact around the rim. He will likely play against older and stronger players for a while so this will be something to follow with him.

Below is an example of him changing directions to get downhill and then putting his shoulder into the big man before finishing.

Proctor’s touch around the rim is quite good and he will finish from tough angles. As he does pick the ball up a bit too early at times he shows good touch to flip the ball in. Finishing with his inside hand, he does a good job and shows some craft around the rim when needed. If bigs step up to him early he has shown that he is comfortable going to runners or floaters from in between the rim and the elbow.

Here are some examples of his craftiness as he gets the ball on the glass quickly with his inside hand.

Below is a clip which shows how good his touch is as he beats the big off the dribble and then gets up a floater before the help rotates over.


Proctor is a talented defender and projects very well in that regard, especially at the point of attack. At the youth level he usually has a size advantage when he is defending against other ball handlers. As he moves into the pros he may not have as much of an advantage all the time but his size and length will still be useful to disrupt ball handlers and contest shots. While Proctor may lack a bit of upper body strength at the moment, his lower body is quite strong. He gets into a stance and slides his feet well. Often, he can wall off a ball handler and force them to retreat. His length really helps him to contest and bother jump shots. His hands are fast and active and he is often stripping the ball, especially when someone drives on him.

Here you can see the type of pressure he can put on the ball as he forces two turnovers out of Dragos Lungu.

You can see his active hands in the clip below as he strips at the ball. Even though he is out of position on the drive he does a good job staying with the play.

On the ball defensively, Proctor could improve his screen navigation. There have been many times when he has died on a screen when trying to go over on it. While he tries to get skinny to get over screens he doesn’t do a good enough job yet. There are also times when he makes the wrong decision to play high or go under on screens.

Below are some examples of where he could improve his screen navigation. In this first clip you can see that he can work on his technique to get around the screen.

Some more examples of where Proctor can improve are here. He is guarding Rory Hawke who he is familiar with from the Centre of Excellence. There were two instances from this game where he went over on him when he knows that Hawke loves to drive.

When he is defending away from the ball he is disruptive in passing lanes. He projects to be a strong defender in the nail. He has good timing to strip at the ball, jump passing lanes and stunt on drives. At times he can get a bit caught up with his man off the ball and not seeing the whole play. This could be a coaching instruction at times to deny the ball but it happens a bit too often so he will need to do a better job at seeing man and ball. Overall, as a help defender he is effective when playing up top but can be disappointing when needed to rotate at the rim.

This play shows why I’m so high on his defense in the nail. While this play might have happened in transition you can see him quickly stunt to the ball handler before quickly getting his hand in to tip the pass. (Apologies for the camera angles and changes)


The development over the past couple of years and his play in 2021 has made me very high on Proctor. On and off the floor he is a natural leader. He is the best shot maker in Australian youth basketball that I have seen. At his size he is comfortable playing both guard spots which suits his role as a combo guard. While he doesn’t have blow by athleticism with the ball in his hands, he is incredibly shifty and great hesitating and stopping and starting to get by his man. He sees the floor well, especially out of pick and rolls. This will allow him to play the point for stretches of the game. On the defensive end he is a strong defender at the point of attack and capable of blowing up dribble hand offs and jumping passing lanes. He has serious potential as a two way shot creator.

Next year will play a key role in his development as he leaves the NBA Global Academy. It appears that college is the leading option for Proctor at the next level with offers from the likes of Arizona, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Going to college would be different from the last few top Australian NBA prospects as they have all chosen to go pro. However, he has said that he wishes to go to college. The NBL will definitely try to keep him in Australia as a Next Star but I think this isn’t all that likely. Another option for him might be to go to the G-League Ignite. It is something that Dyson Daniels did and the NBA Academy likes the connection between the two programs so it seems like it could continue to happen for more prospects. Playing with NBA spacing could really make his game look good ahead of the 2023 draft. I think in the end it will come down to college or the Ignite. With how talented he is, it is hard to see him not succeeding wherever he ends up. It is still early but Proctor has the talent to be drafted in the lottery in 2023.

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